How to make a lamp out of anything - bike wheel lamp tutorial

Love to craft? Find out how to make a lamp out of the old bike wheel.

Do you like fancy and expensive home décor items, such as vases, wall art or lamps? Did you know you can make them yourself and create a unique and posh style for your home? Here is a DIY tutorial on how to make a lamp out of anything and out of an old bike wheel in particular. This type of design is called LOFT and it is very popular in Europe and USA.

diy loft style lamp

How to make a loft lamp out of bicycle wheel?

It is a pretty easy thing and you do not have to be a professional of any kind to manage the task. Here is a list of materials you need for such a DIY lamp project:

  • old bikes Old bike wheel
  • Black paint
  • 3-5 sockets
  • 3-5 bulbs
  • Some wires
  • Some rope
  • Hot glue gun and glue

DIY tutorial – preparing the bike wheel

You can use any kind of wheel small or big. It can even be rusty. First you need to clean it. You can just wash it with the water first. Then use gasoline or acetone to remove the rust off it.

Painting over the wheel

You can use a spray paint or water based (or any kind of paint) that would stay on metal surface. You should apply it twice. You can use any color of the paint. Paint the wheel over for the first time and let it dry up completely. They go ahead and repaint it again. Let it try well. The whole task may take up to 3 hours. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

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Assembling the DIY Loft lamp

assembling a loft lamp

Now you need to attach the wires to the sockets. Once you do that glue the sockets to the bike wheel rim. Use hot glue gun to do that. Keep in mind that this type of glue can melt once it gets heated again. So, you better plan on using energy saving bulbs. They do not get much heated.

Make all the 3 (5) wires from the sockets go through the center of the wheel. Unite all the F wires and then all the N wires separately. Now you get one F wire and one N wire.

DIY lamp design out of bike wheel

Decorating the DIY lamp

You can use organic rope to decorate the lamp. Glue it on the rim of the wheel and around the sockets in any way you like. You can also use chains for design purpose. Here you go! Your lamp it ready.

Now attach the wires to the system and install the bulbs. Your ceiling DIY Lost lamp is ready to be used. The entire process of making it may take up to 5 hours. Such décor items are costly, as they are unique and handmade. But you do not need to spend a fortune on one, as you can make it yourself! 


Well, finally I can be inspired by some interesting and creative idea. Many have already seen that, but the lamp of the bicycle wheel for the first time. This option is perfect for those who loved his bike, but when it broke, I wanted to leave something of it as a souvenir. Just wheel the apartment would look ridiculous, but the lamp of the same wheel - very cool. Actually, I'm in favor to less than throw old things and remake them into more modern and functional decoration items or just fun stuff. Be creative, be inspired!

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