How to make spider traps?

Do you suffer from spiders at home? We suggest you spider traps examples. They can be done easily at home. Read the article to learn more.

spider traps

There are many ways to make spider traps. The type of trap you choose depends on why you want to catch the spider. If you suffer from arachnophobia, or you have an intense fear of spiders, you can set traps that kill spiders. But you will install another type of trap, if you need to capture a spider as a pet, or if you want to keep it alive, for identification. In this case, you will make natural spider traps.

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Sticky glue spiders traps

If your goal is to kill the spider, consider using a sticky glue spider trap. Pesticides sprays kill spiders fast, but they are harmful to humans, pets, and plants. Sticky traps contain an adhesive surface material which is not dangerous. They are placed where spiders usually appear in search of food. The glue spider trap catches of spiders when they go through it. You can either buy glue traps or have homemade spider trap.

spider traps

Homemade spider trap

Fold a piece of cardboard into a triangular shape of approximately  10cm long and 7,5 cm high.

Apply adhesive coating with a brush to the inner side of the bottom of the spider trap. You can use a homemade glue or a manufactured one.

Sweeten the trap of adding a little honey or peanut butter to the paste. It is not necessary, but a light scent can help faster to attract spiders.

Throw the trap away when it is filled with dead spiders or other insects.

Place spider traps sticky glue in front of the baseboards, behind and under furniture and inside rooms. It is better to install them in each chamber.

spider trap

Web spider trap

Catch spiders in their web, if you don't want to kill them. Once you have found the web with a spider in it, follow these steps to remove it safely:

Wear gloves, especially if you are not sure what type of spider you're trying to catch.

Use a glass jar or similar container for a spider storage.

spider trap

You must have a cover, or use an index card or another flat piece of cardboard to close the opening of the container once the spider is inside.

Keep the container behind the web and the other arm with cover - before the web.

Slide the jar or container in the direction of the spider, push it into the bottle and quickly close the lid.

Secure the lid, either by screwing or by gluing adhesive tape securely.

Punch ventilation holes in the top with a sharp knife.

spider trap

Sugar syrup spider trap

Take two balls of crude palm sugar, a vessel containing 200 ml of water, a piece of cardboard and a wooden spoon.

Turn on the oven on a heavy gas fire. Pour 200 ml water into a bowl and add jaggery. Cook it until it has the consistency of glue.

Mash the balls of unrefined palm sugar in 1 minute after they had been boiled in water.

Stir the mass with a wooden spoon for about 4 and a half minutes, not more.

Pour the sticky mixture onto the cardboard. Leave on for 5-10 minutes to cool sufficiently, and set the trap.

Install sweet cardboard in such areas as under beds, under the computer or study table, etc. It will catch spiders rats and all crawling insects.

spider trap


Sticky glue traps will also help to catch other unwanted pests such as cockroaches.

You need to know where spiders like to live before you can establish successful traps to capture or kill them. For spiders that prefer moist, humid conditions of life, you will need to set traps in the basement or in places where they crawl. If you want to catch spiders that prefer dry living conditions, try to set traps in the vents, floor or in the attic. Keep in mind that almost all spiders like to hide in cracks and dark corners.

Look for brown spiders and hermits near your water heater or furnace.

Glass containers are better suited for capturing spiders, because you can see if the spider fits in the container before closing the lid.

spider trap


If you have at home a serious spider infestation, especially if you have poisonous spiders such as a black widow or brown recluse, you may want to consider calling a professional exterminator spiders.

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