What are cool and simple DIY art projects for home decoration?

Searching for awesome DIY art projects for your home décor? This article will provide you with a list of DIY projects and ideas around the house.

Creative bottles

This time we will have an outlook of the unusual use of bottles in the process of decorating of the interior. These are the best DIY art projects around the house with the usage of empty bottles.

Not everybody has thought about the ways how you can use the bottles in the decoration of the interior with your own hands. In any house from time to time appear empty glass bottles from various beverages. Man such ordinary bottles are simply thrown away. However, lots of DIY fans use them creatively.


You can just build a comfortable bird feeder, which can be filled once in every few days. Thus, the birds are less worried and not hungry, and you worry less because your deeds are good and are to be praised, and this feeder looks quite unusual and lovely.

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So, how to use the bottle to create original interior solution?

  • You can neatly cut dark glass bottles of different colors with a long neck and make from them very original candlesticks. Empty wine bottles can be an ideal instrument for realization of your DIY projects and ideas.

Great design

  • Wall lights from a series of similar bottles will bring into your life the spirit of antiquity. Creative composition of artificial flowers in the bottle of original form can be an excellent interior decoration.

Really cute

And just have a look at a grand design of chandelier, in which glass bottles perform the role of lampshades, which have retained original labels. This interesting lamp can be hung above the bar in the kitchen or dining room as a very creative part of your DIY project.

Even a simple bottle made of transparent glass can be used as a basis for construction of an improvised bedside lamp.

  • Funny composition of different-sized bottles can become an organic part of the winter garden. The combination of green plants, stones and colored glass unwittingly attracts the attention of every person.


Original pots made of bottles also will decorate the winter garden, balcony or veranda. Bottles can be used for drip irrigation. Thus, both decorative and practical tasks are resolved.

How about using of bottles for the original and awesome DIY decorations?

Not so long ago glass bottles filled with all sorts of substances with particles of different sizes, shapes and colors have occupied an essential role in the DIY home decor. The fillers may be homogeneous or bottle can have a number of filling layers. These marvelous bottles are used for decorating a kitchen, dining room and even the living room.


Very original looks have the bottles decorated with colored beads of various materials. Of course, the most spectacular are the glass beads.

Your own thoughts

Painted bottles will also find their place in the decoration of the interior, they can be covered with inscriptions of different content and all sorts of figures. You can put such a bottle "to paint" in the living room to make your guests leave their wishes on it, such use of the empty bottle is even more interesting than in the process of DIY decoration.

The variety of modern synthetic materials with different textures and a wide color palette allows you to give a very original look of bottles, so they can be used as a stylish decoration for a variety of interiors. It is a kind of a broad field for the realization of your imagination and experimentation in the field of design. You can use the already existing examples or come up with something created on your own.

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