Can teabags be reused?

How to get rid of unpleasant smell with the help of tea bags and what are the other ways to use them? Is it possible to give ‘the second life’ for used teabags? Read the information below to learn more about it.

Can teabags be reused

Can teabags be reused?

Many people use teabags only once, that is 1 bag is equal to 1 cup of tea. Then, in principle, this bag needs to be thrown out. But it isn't obligatory at all. There is a mass of ways to find a new way of using them.

  • To make a new cup of tea. If you like a stronger tea, leave a bag from the previous tea and add it to a cup together with a fresh bag next time. It won't give the same strong tea leaves as new but nevertheless will give a pleasant shade of taste. This way will be suitable for any red and green tea. But white tea, perhaps, is too delicate for repeated usage.
  • To give a pleasant taste to macaroni and grain. Having drunk tea, it is possible to use a bag for giving the best taste to various dishes. For this purpose place a bag in a pan of water and get after boiling, and then add pasta, rice or other grain. Try to cook rice on jasmine or chamomile tea, paste on green tea, and porridge on black tea with spices or cinnamon infusion.
  • To fertilize the garden. To reuse the old bags once again, pour the received weak tea in a bucket and water plants to protect them from fungal infections. Besides, if to open the used bags and to pour out their contents to the earth at plant roots, it will frighten off such garden wreckers as mice. It is also possible to add old bags to the main fertilizer to increase the concentration of nutrients. The main thing is not to forget to remove metal brackets.
  • To remove pollution from carpets. Use old tea bags for cleaning and giving the pleasant smell to floor coverings. The used tea bags can be stored in the refrigerator in a water cup to save them from damage, until the quantity, sufficient for a big surface, is gained. Then open the tea bags storage box and dry contents until it becomes only slightly damp. Now strew carpets with tea and leave until they dry. Then it will be necessary only to vacuum them or just accurately sweep away dry tea leaflets.

tea bags storage box

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  • To neutralize household smells. Tea also perfectly is suitable for disposal of unpleasant smells in the house. Mix dry tea leaves with cat litter. Put the used bags in the refrigerator to create freshness. Throw several dry tea bags in a garbage tin’s bottom to neutralize unpleasant smells before they extend on the kitchen. These are only several examples, but there is also a set of other options.
  • To make a self-made air freshener. Drip several drops of your favorite essential oil on the dried-up tea bags to receive fine air fresheners for the house, office or the car (the same procedure actually can perfectly be made with sugar, sawdust or salt, amongst which the salt is the best base for essential oil). As the majority of tea bags become on a thread, it is possible to hang them up. As soon as oil disappears, it is possible just to add some more drops and you will be surrounded with freshness again. Thus, these bags will do a double function: to absorb unpleasant smells and to fill your house with the wonderful aroma.
  • To expel house wreckers. Mice especially do not like a tea smell. Therefore, try to place the used tea bags in wardrobes, storerooms, kitchen, meeting room and any other places, through which mice get into your house. For additional protection, it is possible to impregnate bags with peppermint oil. Then they not only will help to get rid of annoying rodents and invasions of such domestic insects as spiders and ants but also will exhale a pleasant fresh smell of mint at the same time!
  • To remove fat from dirty ware. Wet ware in warm water with a couple of used tea bags to dissolve fat without the use of aggressive chemicals. Tea will also help to soak any food, which has stuck to ware and will save you from a painful getting rid of it on plates.

Can teabags be reused

  • To get rid of a smell of products on skin. After processing of such products as garlic, onions, and fish, use old tea bags to wash hands and to remove the eaten smells.
  • To soften the skin of feet. Add the used tea bags to warm water and take legs in it to neutralize unpleasant smells, to soften callosities and to saturate skin.
  • To take an antioxidant bath. Thanks to the high content of antioxidants in tea, bathing in warm water with an infusion of tealeaves will provide you fine care of skin. It is possible to hang up the used tea bags on the crane and to gather water in a bathtub through them or to throw them directly into water to receive a nutritious tea bathtub. As a bonus, it is possible to use flavored tea with the addition of a jasmine or a chamomile to allow the body to relax even better by means of the self-made inexpensive aromatherapy.
  • To calm the skin. Cool and damp tea bags are excellent natural remedies to remove irritation. To facilitate the discomfort caused by fatigue of eyes, put the tea bags on eyes. With their help, it is also possible to reduce an inflammation of a solar burn. Apply a bag to bruise to remove discomfort and to help to accelerate healing. Accurately wipe stings to remove toxins and to reduce pain and hypostasis.
  •  To struggle with infections. Put warm and damp tea bags to the skin at such diseases as conjunctivitis, an ulcer, herpes or any other similar illnesses to destroy an infection, to reduce pain and to help to accelerate the healing process.







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