What are the most creative DIY home decor ideas?

Do you what are the most brilliant DIY home decor ideas? Which of these ideas can you use for your home? We have a lot of such ideas for you, so check out the article.

DIY home decor

We all want to have a nice cozy home, the one you will always want to go back to. Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to decorate it yourself, that you need a superpower of an interior designer to be able to deal with this task. However, it is not true. You can use our ideas to male your home cozier and much better. Make it a place you will want to go back to. So, don’t waste time and see what we have to offer.

DIY ideas

First of all, let’s see how you can make one of the easiest and yet romantic details of day decorations. You can make a candle lampshade. It is super easy and will add more romantic notes to the general look of your room or a table you will invite your friends to.

All you need to make is a wine glass, some beautiful paper for scrapbooking, and LED tea lights. You should cut out the shade and then tape it to the wineglass. Then put a tea light in each one of these lampshades. There you go – you can use these lights the next time guests come to visit. Depending on the occasion you can change the scrapbooking paper to make it fit the style.

DIY home decor ideas

Do you have an old suitcase at home? If you do, and no one is using it, you should take advantage of this object for your next DIY home décor ideas for a living room or a bedroom. It is easy as ABC. That is why do not hesitate and proceed to making a special suitcase which can also be a bed table.

To make this one you will need to get a suitcase (or maybe even two) with hard sides, four legs to make a table out of your suitcase(s), four angled top plates and sixteen screws, a drill, and particleboard. Start with putting a piece of particleboard into your suitcases. You will need special tools to cut them and make them fit the shape of your suitcase. Then you will need to put this piece of particleboard under the suitcase and drill the plates through. Then attach legs to the holes you made with a drill. There you go a beautiful, unique table is ready to hold your books, clothes or a cup of coffee for a lazy morning.

DIY home decor projects

Another DIY home décor project you can try to make yourself is called a patterned dresser. You will need to have an old set of drawers. If there is one you don’t like too much, but it still is a good piece of furniture, then don’t hesitate to use our simple advice on how to turn it into a centerpiece of a bedroom or a living room.

To make it one of those outstanding piece of furniture, you will need to go to the nearest hardware stores and get a bottle or two of paint. Depending on the style you want to make it in, you can opt for several ideas. First of all, you can paint it with Rust-oleum protective enamel and then paint the edges in white or black. This way your old set of drawers will turn into a perfect furniture that will match almost any interior.

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Another option for you is to turn a regular dresser into a bright one. All you need to do is to get some bright paint and silver corners and handles. Attach these corners and handles to the dresser after the paint dries up to enjoy a perfect addition to the interior of your apartment.

Also, consider making simple and chic with painting the dresser into neutral colors and attaching regular classic pulls to it. Alternatively, you can paint it in two neutral colors with several classy pulls. Whatever works for you better. See what goes better into your cozy living room and make a decision.

DIY room decor

You can also add bright tones to your mornings by creating a specially designed new tray out of an old cabinet door. Here is what Andrew McCaul says about it: “With paint and a pair of drawer pulls, a salvaged cabinet door makes a great tray for entertaining. Fill any holes on the board with wood filler from a hardware store; let dry at least two hours. Sand and paint the surface; pre-drill holes and screw in handles of about four inches.”

DIY decor ideas

Another important detail for your dining room is DIY placemats. To make them you need to get enough fabric, the best kind of material is some heavy one. Also find some vinyl topping, and pinking shears. Then proceed to cut fabric into 12”-by-17” rectangles. Then take an iron and go over these cuts with it. Then cut two of the vinyl rectangles for each of the placemats. Then iron vinyl to each of the sides of the mats and trim the edges of them using the pinking shears. There you go – the placemats designed specifically for your kitchen table are ready to be used.

DIY decoration

Still want more of the most creative DIY decorations? Check out this Clothesline picture holder. Attach the cloth line to the wall to hang your favorite photos, cards, tickets from memorable events or any other things you consider important enough to be on the wall!

You can make a magnet board from a colorful metal tray you can find at a local store. All you need to do is to attach this tray to a wall and then put your favorite magnets on it for people to see it. You can also put the pictures, notes and lists on it – in a word, use it as a regular magnet board.

Don’t have a place to store your jewelry? Here is an idea – take a grater, paint it in any color you want, and then keep your earrings there.

DIY home decor ideas living room

You can also make a table with the chalkboard surface. Use it to jot down your creative whims, phone numbers, to-do lists, or doodles! Especially those of you who have children will love the idea! 

Cut strips of colorful fabric and sew them onto two large fabric circles, then stitch and fill them to make giant, comfy floor cushions. Or you can go for creating a doormat out of old shirts. Just cut the shirts in strips and hot glue the pieces into rows on the doormat.

There is an idea for storing the dirty laundry. Instead of buying a special box for it, make a bag out of an old pillowcase. Put it in a corner or attach it to the door handle and hang it on the door to save up some space.

You can also try using the old cans to organize the staff around your office. Put your pencils, pens, and even scrapbook paper in special cans (from pickles) to make your room look neat and cozy.

DIY living room

You can make a beautiful and stylish DIY living room decoration using a regular washi tape. Take a canvas (preferably white) and a washi tape of a different color. Create ornaments of the canvas to make it look brighter and then find a perfect place to put it to add new tones to the interior of a living room of yours.

Another excellent idea is to create words with nails and strings. Just take a canvas (or board), arrange the nails in such a way that they will make up a word. Then wrap the string around the nails to make a colorful name. Enjoy both the process and the result!

Another idea for you to remember is a special photo frame. All you need for it is a big frame, cloth line, clothes pegs, and your favorite pictures.

While still talking about the pictures, you can opt for creating a unique clock using the photos and a regular clock mechanism. Arrange them in any way you want to see them and enjoy letting other people looking at your pictures!

DIY home living room

Here is what Stephanie from DIY Projects for teens states about creating a paper napkin garland and hanging it above your bed: “This crafty idea is from one of the most beautiful DIY blogs around. Her photos are stunning, but the project tutorials are also super well done. Not afraid of a Pinterest fail on this one. Looking for uses for leftover party napkins and an almost free DIY project idea? Here is nirvana. Hope yours turns out as well as mine did. I made one with my baby cousins pink and purple birthday party napkins. Now, the question is, do you go to parties and start keeping the napkins for projects? Is that rude? I so hope that is not me, but it just may be someday soon if I don’t stop now…”

So, having a cozy home is not necessarily a question of having a lot of money and a specially trained decorator doing it for you. Just be a bit more creative and look at the things you already have from a different angle.

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