Who Owns Konga

Wonder who Konga.com owner is and how he managed to start such a successful company? Learn his story here.

Internet has given Mr. Sim Shagaya a great opportunity to start Konga.com business. Today people handle online everything. Starting with the transmission of letters and ending with the ability to make purchases. Internet shops are thriving. Everything industry of sales of goods and services has own online marketplaces. Nigeria, as a rapidly developing country, also has its own trading site, popular in the state. One of them is the aforementioned and now you know who owns Konga.

who owns konga

Konga History

Konga is a beginner among Nigerian online stores. But despite the fact that the company was founded in 2012, its popularity is through the roof. Three years ago, Sim Shagaya, an entrepreneur from Lagos, decided to etablish a trading company to sell consumer goods. There were only 20 people on staff at first. The company was founded by a small team and operated exclusively on the territory of Lagos. The list of products offered for sale, included:

  • konga shop products products for children,
  • products for personal hygiene,
  • beauty industry products.

By the end, the shop had managed to evolve so that the categories have been expanded considerably. Earlier this year, the creator and owner of Konga has organized a trade center, significantly increasing the target audience.

By that time the company had a steady income and all the investment was done by a firm named AB Kinnevik.

Ikonga online storen 2013, during the traditional sales in the "Black Friday”, Konga online shopping has become inaccessible for almost an hour because of the excessively large quantity of visitors. Moreover, over the next six hours the company earned more in sales than for the entire previous month. 

This result very impressed owner of the store, his colleagues and investors. That day it became clear that the Konga gained its deserved popularity and the success will not go anywhere. And really, "Black Friday" in 2014 brought a profit to the store more than ten times more. Total revenue amounted to more than USD 3.5 million.

In just three years of existence, Konga has become not just a profitable project. Their website has become the most visited of all, according to the latest ratings.

Awards received by the company

who owns konga 2Among the awards, which are given annually in Nigeria for achievements in the field of sales and marketing research, as well as among the online stores in Nigeria:

  • This year, Konga was ranked first in the list of the hundred most profitable companies in Nigeria,
  • first place in the ranking of the most active online sales in the region,
  • the best start-up project in Nigeria,
  • second place in the ranking of the most innovative breakthroughs in the trade of Nigeria,
  • the company is in 12th place in the list of the most respected and recognizable brands in Nigeria,
  • best seller of the year among the regional centers,
  • prize for the best and most effective use of advertising on the network and brand promotion,
  • the most spectacular and fastest growing brand in Nigeria (in trade),
  • the most successful introduction of innovations (Awarded in 2014 in the sales),
  • best seller of the year (award of 2013, the year of the beginning of the organization),
  • the fastest growing brand (prize of 2013, received six months after the opening of the store).

Who owns Konga 

sim shagaya KongaSim Shagaya founded this corporation with now multi-million dollar income. He is Nigerian. Before he started work in sales, he worked as a sales representative. This year he was included in the list of "Forbes" thanks to the project, as one of the ten most influential people in the African region.

Primary education of Sim is military. He graduated the military school and then served in the army in Nigeria. After graduation, he faced the need to choose a profession.

Shagaya decided to take his education. Few degrees of US universities, including such famous places as the University of Washington and Dartmouth are among his accomplishments. 

He also studied at the International Academy of Business and completed a training program at the Harvard Business School. His training was fully completed only until 2000.

In addition to working as a sales representative, he also succeeded in the banking sector. After that, he returned to Africa, where he became head of the African Division of Google. Throughout his career, he tried to organize and establish the work of several sites, but repeatedly failed. As a result, he was able to realize his final and most successful project with the help of Swedish investors. 
Sim has two awards – for the best start-up and maintenance of the best trading platform.

Organizing of Konga.com is the result of another attempt to realize the idea of ​​the huge shopping resource by its creator. Sim Shagaya is a person who owns Konga to this day. He did a lot of studying and working, to get a "golden ticket" to the world of online business.

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