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Plz Advise Me On What To Do? Does She Loves Me?

Hello Friends,

plz i want u to advise me,i met one lady at the cyber cafe and she was very beautiful and a girl of my dream.she did not know how to browse but i shown her to prove to her that i cares for her,later the dad call her on phone,the siblings told me the dad and thier mum base in u.s.a,well i did not love her because her parents base abroad,remember i never knew her dad base there before i approach her.she was friendly and the siblings were friendly too,i got to know little about them,

all this while i was busy typing mails for her siblings who never know how to browse,while she was busy on phone.

she spoke with her dad about her birthday which was to be the next day and i was happy that i knew little about her,i was happy.she was busy talking to her dad on phone and there spoke like 1hr on phone that was when i believe that the dad base in u.s.a,later i ask her about her phone number and she gave me,i was praying inside me that she agrees when i approach her about my feelings u know all this ayebota childrens is not easy to get them,

i call her that night when she left wishing her on her birthday,and she was very happy,i ask her if i could be her guest and she said yes and later said no that male visitors are not invited. well that was when i was a little bit confuse and discourage,well i had to still put more effort about getting her because i was dreaming of a girl like her,the next morning as early as 12am i send her a congratulation txt telling her that i wanna be the first person to wish her happy birthday.and she never reply until i call and ask her if she saw the txt and she said yes and thank me,well i later made up my mind to take the risk of asking her if she will like to be my girlfriend and she said no!

that she does'nt wanna have sure but we can be friends,well i was happy that atlease i have done mine,and i was busy loading my phone to make sure i txt her 4times in a day,she never reply nor calls

well i did not blame her oo

somedays later i call her and she told me that she was sick and that why she was unable to attend a church service,i send her a prayer and also advises her to pray alldays,and that was when she reply and thanks me.i was very happy to read her txt.

she even call me that day,i was surprise,

we spoke like 4min and she told me that she wanna get back to school and that she is broke that i should help her with some money,i had the last money i had and promise to meet her that night,she calls and calls and i later met her somewhere with a guy and she told me that the guy was her brother and we exchange greetings and settle down in a barbing salon.about 5min later she we stroll with the bros and i gave her the money which was my school fees.

well i never mind that because love is blind for those that are blind.

so the bros promise to visit me the next day in my house though we may not be as rich as there are which i told her before.

the next day i call her times without numbers and she told me the bros is busy with her studies and that he will not have time to visit me until JAMB is over.well i waited because i have been hearing that the patience dog eat the fatest bones,after jamb i call her again and ask her about the bros she told me that the bros has travel because i wanted to have a cordial relationship with the bros so that it will be easy for me to get her.

well i never stop sending txt all this whiles and still calling to tell her my interest.

but she always turn my request down.

later i call her and she told me she was in school and that she is about to write her exams,i now change the topic of asking for relationship to wishing her good lucks,in a txt messages.

i was sick and i manage to call her and she ask me where i was and i told her she never even care to ask me how my health was or where the hospital was which i know if she was the one sick i will have been there within 10min of getting the information.when i left the hospital she calls me and ask about my health i told her i was a little bit okay now,do u know what she requested? Recharge card.

i told her am broke and i don't have anymoney,well to show her that i love her not because of what she is but because of who she is. i borrows money from a friend and send her 1000 naira vmobile recharge card so she will not hate me.

she call and told me she has gotten it.

well since then i have been mailing and even txting her and calling but she never reply for once.

two weeks later when i call her she told me that she has lost her phone and that her parents will kill her if she will not get a new phone,and ask me to send her half of the money of the phone that she will look for half,all this whiles i have been calling her and she told me that she is using her friends phone,well i told her i was broke which was true i was looking for money to pay my fees which i gave her when she was broke and she never allows me to rest now asking for another money.well i stop calling nor txting her for sometimes because i was totally broke and there was no money to make calls or even txt in my phone.

she now send me a txt that i have stop calling her and that if i love her i will have gone extra miles for the one i love.well since then i was discourage and i think she is foling me,but i never give up,i still call and txt her.anytime i call her she will ask me if am still broke and i will say yes which was true.i was discourage because she never accepted to be my girlfriend now she is saying that i should go extra mile for the one i love how will i do that,from that day anytime i call her she willl not pick my calls and to know if she refuse to pick my call i will either hide my number or used another line to call her and she will pick and told me that she is busy,anytime i call she will ignore the calls and i stop calling thinking that it was because of her exams so i txt her that i will give her a space to allow her concentrate on her exams,

i later travel for my visa interview at the embassy and i call her when i arrive lagos and told her the new story and she ask me where i wanted to travel to,i did not told her instead i hangoff the phone,3 weeks later i call her again and she said that i stop calling her and that i have forgotten about her,well am confuse because i love this girl but i don't know if she loves me atall.

plz advise me

u can send the advise to me via my email address;




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