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Am I Having An Affair With This Smart Girl?

I've married for 8 years.  My wife and I have a general marriage life.  Everything is so fine till recently,

I met a lady in my working place.  My boss teamed us up for a project.  At first, I just thought she is a diligent, independent, and smart girl.  She is quite attractive, honestly, and is still single.  Well, I only take her as a good and close working buddy.  We often share lunch time talking about the project because there is really many details to work on.  The official meeting hours are not enough, and we both think discussing it outside the office hour is a good idea.  Somehow, we start to chat something beside the project because we agree both of us are quite team players and would like to know each other more.  We become close friends.  So far, it is good and my wife knows my special colleague as well.  Recently, I don't remember when and how we start the topic, that we start to talk about sex.  I suddenly find that we both have good preference on sex, and this topic really make us hot.  Real hot.  We really want to have sex with each other at those moments; however, we both stopped, which is good because I'm in a marriage.  Well, my wife never would like to talk about sex with me for those years even I've tried very hard to do that, then I give up.  Now there is a close working partner would like to share this Intimate thoughts with me and at that time, even we did not really physically in touch with each other, the emotional and psychological connection is just perfect for both of us,  that feels really really good.  We both want to talk about it again and again to satisfy our imagination, say, fantasy.  It's really magical, indeed.

I don't know how to define this kind of relationship with this girl.  Am I having an affair with her?  Am I cheating on my wife?  Is there any implicit problem in my marriage that I keep indulging myself in this mental closeness with this girl?  What should I do?

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