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Can You Change A Man: Boyfriend Or Husband?

Can you really change your man? I stumbled across this article in times online, about how two women who were able to change their husbands by applying their business/boardroom skills in their relationship to fix their husbands and in return their marriage. They first kicked out the husbands, then when the husbands begged to come home, they applied these rules/skills aimed at making the men help out at home, getting jobs to help with finances planning kids holidays/homework etc, One of the male responders to the book called it another man-hating book!! Is this another ploy for women to control men? ;is this the" marriage is a partnership" issue; equality of women? How to DEAL with bad/irresponsible husbands? I don't know. However, I think the role of the modern man with regards to his involvement in the home is changing. But this applying rules/kicking out etc, to change the man sha, e get as e be?,,17909-2208916,00.html

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