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Why Do You Behave Like You Hate Nigeria So Much?

Why do we help the enemies of Nigeria by hardly (if) ever seeing anything good in Nigeria?

No matter what God Does for us in Nigeria, why do we fail to Honour God?

Even when we claim to be Godly, why does it hardly (if) ever whow in your daily life?

Why have we chosen to glorify evil and promote negativity and reward same mostly?

Why is it that in families, jealousies and wickedness prevails most of the time?

How can we choose not to encourage marriage, family values and sensible moral values?

At the end of it all, we blame the leaders for everything when our homes are in jeopardy … affecting the whole nation.

Honour no longer for the elderly, but for the bully, the spendthrift bribing us (in)directly for almost everything, including our votes.

My people, God is watching us. Should we wait to experience His wrath?

Do we think we have seen the wrath of God?

We are communicating to God that we can never be satisfied. This must change urgently. If not, we shall experience the true wrath of God.

Pray, my brethren. Pray.

The wish of the enemy must not prevail upon us and our families. We are not better than the nations experiencing untold evil currently.

Time for sober reflection before it is too late.

Evil shall slay the evil. Wickedness likewise.

Nationbuilding is a must for all. Get involved in one way or another. I am not far away from you says the Lord. Why do you despise me so?

May God Bless and Save Nigeria.



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