Black people jokes vs. white people jokes: Which ones are better for Nigerians?

Black and white jokes are different. Black people jokes vs. white people jokes: find out which ones are better for Nigerians.

black and white jokes

What is the best joke, you have ever heard? And who was its author? There are lots of funny jokes, created by white people. But those people, who really value good sense of humor, know that the fun, made by black, have its special traits. So, which ones are actually better? Let’s find out right now!

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White people jokes

Every jest, made by white people, has its feature. There are lots of jokes connected with race and nationality. The usual thing is making fun about their own qualities. Let’s look at the list of the most popular funs:

  1. Three men on a desert island find a magic lamp with a genie, who promises them a wish for each guy. The first one desires to be off the island at home. The second one wishes the same. Then the third man says: “I’m feeling lonely. Bring them back here.”
  2. The man is late for his work. His boss is in rage and yelling: You should have been here at 8 a.m.! Then the man responds: Why? Did something important happen at 8 a.m.?
  3. About a billion people live in China today. What does it mean? Even if you are one in a million, remember that there are at least a thousand others, who are just like you.
  4. A man meets a prostitute in a bar. She promises to do everything, he wants, for 300$. The only condition is that he should say it in three words. The guy agrees, gives her the money and says: “Paint. My. House.”
  5. A blond woman suspects that her husband has an affair. She buys a gun and comes home. After seeing her man with other woman, she holds the gun to her own head. Her husband trying to stop her and bagging to forgive him. The blond is hysterical. She says: Shut up! You are next!

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Black people jokes

The puns, created by black people, are really able to make laugh. In fact, there are many black comics, famous worldwide. However, not every white can understand such jokes, as they reflect the mentality of the shaded race. Sometimes they are vulgar or even racist, but you can’t stop loving them. The most interesting jokes include the following:

  1. – How can you call a black boy, who attends college? – A Basketball player.
  2. – You're so black that you bleed coffee.
  3. – What do you think, seeing a group of blacks, who are running in one direction? – Jail break.
  4. – Why are the nostrils of black people so big? – God held them by ones, while he was painting.
  5. – What travels at 250 km per hour? – A black man, who has heard about a dollar drop to the ground.

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There are much more other really funny jokes of such type. As you see, black jests are short, racist and witty. The key features of plain people and their actions are laughed at.

Which jokes are the best? Probably, for the black people like Nigerians, there are nothing better than to laugh at themselves. Such puns are closer to their life and more understandable than those made by white people.

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