Funny Nigerian sexy jokes in English – 5 top

How funny can sex get? These top 5 hot jokes would make you laugh to tears!

Nigerians love to have a good laugh and make good jokes. Akpos is one of the favorite personages of them and there are some funny Nigerian sexy jokes with Akpos, too. Let’s get some and laugh away!

funny sexy joke nigeria

What are the best sexual jokes?

Below you can find some of them. The sex topic is rather sensitive, but some of these jokes are hot and witty. At times they make all the sex education people get in life! That is a joke, of course.

  1. Sexual joke number one
    sexy joke on condom
  2. Hot joke number two
    nigerian hot joke
  3. Sexy joke number three (here is the Akpos)
    akpos sexy joke

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  4. Funny joke about sex number four
    akpos on sex
  5. Finally sexy joke on our list
    sexy joke funny

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Yes , I agree with what a joke prolong life . In general , do not like people who walk inflated , do not smile constantly frown . As for the jokes about sex - there are a lot of normal , really funny , not vulgar . Many people are not really respond well to this kind of humor . Of course , you must take into account the age of the interlocutor and his moral qualities . Jokes like that I see for the first time . If I tell them to your friends , I am sure they are the humor will understand and appreciate .

Answered 1 year ago.

Joke can do everything, but ideally joke - the unit. Personally, I think that in this case requires a special approach and undoubted talent. Memorized the jokes begin to grate on the ear, and may degrade quickly cease to please everyone around, especially if you decide to use them on someone of his acquaintances. To be honest, I did not like jokes, selected here, apparently I have a different concept of humor, but here I saw a malicious banter, and I would like to see a good humor. Again, it's all about talent and presenting jokes, not everyone is given.

Answered 1 year ago.

Joking is always good, because laughter prolongs life. I love jokes, especially about sex, of course a little bit they went, and their children better not to listen to adults is the fact that it is necessary. You will need a little joke with her husband. I wonder how other people react to such jokes, there will be a joke. It is certainly interesting that's all I really liked the article about these jokes I heard for the first time, now I will lasts experiences with others, I hope all the same liked them as well as me. Thanks for the article, waiting for the continuation of jokes.

Answered 1 year ago.
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