Ha-Ha-Ha: This wife outsmarted her cheating husband!

This joke about the cheating husband and smart wife is hilarious! Laugh away!

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This joke story is so funny. Some men think they are too smart and can cheat on their wives without them even suspecting anything. However, this story shows how lady outsmarted her man!

Cheating husband and smart wife joke:

Once a man decided to tell his wife he was going to go fishing with his boss. He asked her to pack up his things and fishing gear. He had a large box with fishing hooks, rods, etc. He told her that his career is at stake here and he can easily get the promotion!

He also told the woman that he would go back and pick up the things on his way from work to the fishing location at a lake. He asked her to pack up his nice blue pajamas. The woman started to suspect something was off in the situation. But she was wise and had no proof of his disloyalty. So, she said nothing and did all he asked her to.

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A week later the man returned home and his wife said:

“How was your fishing? Did you catch any?”

He said: “Sure! We got many large and appetizing ones. It was an awesome time. By the way, why did you forget to put my blue pajamas?”

Her answer is hilarious:

“I did. I put it into your fishing box!”

See, how cunning your wife can be! Do not be too arrogant and do not consider ladies stupid!

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