What are funny trivia questions?

Do you know what trivia questions are? What are the funniest trivia questions you have ever heard? Do such kind of questions for adults differ much from those for children? Continue reading the article to know more about it.

Everybody likes trivia questions

Everybody likes trivia questions. They are always both funny and smart. Actually, the word trivia simply means anything of a little importance. However, it is always something interesting, surprising and fascinating.

Nowadays various trivia questions have been becoming extremely popular amongst different age groups. All people, when asked these kinds of questions, usually take pleasure in trying to guess the right answers to them, not considering of whether they are addressed to for teens, kids, or adults.

Do you know the answer?

As a rule, the catalog of interesting trivia facts is pretty long-lasting. The topics always vary from music and sport to politics and history, etc. Such a list should definitely be much longer than you can even visualize with such a big quantity of topic to for asking.

Now we offer you a collection of some interesting trivia questions with answers. They are surely bound to attract you and help always keeping cheered up. There are trivia questions for kids, trivia questions for adults, and trivia questions for teens.

Trivia questions for adults

  • When did the Battle of Culloden happen? (April 16, 1746).
  • Who was the first official wife of Henry VIII of England? (It was Catherine of Aragon).
  • Which country hosted a Formula 1 in 2011? (India).
  • Which combat amid the British Navy and the joint fleets of the French and Spanish Navies happened in October, 1805? (It was the prominent Battle of Trafalgar).
  • What person became the Prime Minister of the Great Britain in 1955? (It was Robert Anthony Eden).
  • What was the name of the legendary priest who made champagne? It was Dom Perignon.
  • When did M. Thatcher turn into the British Prime Minister? (In 1979).
  • What is the exact date of William Shakespeare birthday? (April 23, 1564).
  • Which year was the Cold War finished? (It happened in 1989).
  • Which game on a lawn is named “crown green”. (Bowls).

trivia questions for adults

Trivia questions for teens

  • What article of clothing was named after its originator from Scotland? It is Mackintosh.
  • Which chess piece moves diagonally only? (It is a bishop).
  • Where is the Sea of Tranquility located? (This sea is on the Moon).
  • How do we call a person who deals with shoeing horses? (It is a farrier).
  • What kind of a stick is a falchion? (It is a sword).
  • Which word must be put previous to vest, beans and quartet? (It is a string).
  • What is a synonym for lexicon? (It is a dictionary).
  • How do we call the planet number seven the Sun. (It is Uranus).
  • Who was the inventor of the rabies vaccination? It was Louis Pasteur.
  • What is the major freshwater lake on the planet? (It is Lake Superior).

Trivia questions for teens

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Trivia questions for kids

  • Which empire built Hadrian's Wall? (It was Romans).
  • Which film is a Po Ping the star of? (It is Kung Fu Panda).
  • Which country is Paris the capital of? (France).
  • Which country shares the Niagara Falls with Canada? (The United States of America).
  • What kind of material does a blacksmith work with? (He works with iron).
  • What kind of profession did a miner’s son wish to choose in Billy Elliot? (He dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer).
  • What were Amedeo Modigliani and Michelangelo famous for? (It is painting).
  • How many grams are there in a kilo? (One thousand).
  • Whom is the Duke of Edinburgh married to? (It is the Queen).
  • What animal is the key star in Happy Feet? (It is a penguin).

Trivia questions for kids

Do you want to be smarter?

The trivia questions we offer you in this article are not actually complicated enough. What you should do to answer them correctly is just to think logically, using your personal vast general knowledge stock. If you go through such trivia questions and answers oftener, it will be the funniest way for both you and your family to gain new knowledge. Moreover, kids just adore such quizzes!

Good luck! And please do not spy answers!

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