What are the funniest black people jokes?

What are the best Nigerian jokes what have a big popularity among people? What subjects do they touch? Read the article to learn the funniest of them.

black jokes that are funny

Do you know black jokes that are funny? It’s a common knowledge that black people like to joke at each other not less than white people. Their sense of humor allows them to create black country jokes and a lot of funny stories. Read the list of the best black ppl jokes.

Nigger jokes

  • White man and Niger lived in one house. Once the house has lit up and burned down completely. But only white has survived. Why? - Because he was at work.
  • How two Niger on bicycle are called? - Organized crime.
  • How to remove black from tree? - To cut a rope.
  • What does back differ from a bag with shit in? - With bag.

black country jokes

  • What is the difference between the truck with watermelons and the truck with little black children in? - You won't begin to unload watermelons with pitchfork.
  • What is general at the Black and sperm? - Only one of 2 million works.
  • How to force the child of Niger to be washed? - Open a hydrant and sell drugs on other part.
  • Why blacks are so stink? - To blind people hated them too.

black ppl jokes

  • Why did monkeys commit suicide? - They have learned that have occurred from Blacks.
  • What 4 white components each Black has to have? - 1) teeth 2) whites of the eyes 3) sperm 4) owner.
  • Why you shouldn't throw a stone in the black on bicycle? - It can be your bicycle. Or it can be your nigger.
  • What occurs every time when the Nigger woman does abortion? - Organization of crime prevention sends her the check for $500.

Nigger jokes

Black jokes

  • What it is necessary to tell the Black in uniform? - Give me Big Mac and Cola!
  • How to hide money from the Black? - Put them under the announcement of employment.
  • What is difference between blacks and dog shit? - When dog shit grows old it becomes white and ceases to stink.
  • Why police dogs lick each other's bum? - To get rid of taste of Blacks in a mouth.

Black jokes

  • How long the girl in a black family remains a virgin? - So far she runs quicker than her brothers, father and uncle.
  • How you will call the black guy who has come to college? - Basketball player.
  • How to frighten black? - To take him on an auction.
  • What is the difference between dead dog and dead nigger on the road? - Braking traces are clearly visible near to dog.
  • How many niggers are necessary to cover the rooftop? - Ten if to cut them on rather thin pieces.

Black humor jokes 1

  • What to do if the huge headless black rushes on me? - To shoot once again.
  • What are scary six words which are never better for hearing? - 'Hi, I be yo' new neighbor'.
  • Why Mexicans never marry black women? - Because children will be too lazy to steal!
  • What does the Black differ from a trampoline? - When you jump on a trampoline, it is necessary to take footwear off.

Black humor jokes 2

Black humor jokes

  • What is told by the 13-year-old Niger girl having sex? - Get down from me, father, you will rumple my cigarettes!
  • Why niggers have flat noses? - When the Black child is born, the doctor throws him on a floor, put his leg on nape and pulls out a tail.
  • Do you know how the break dance has appeared? - Nigger tried to take off a cap from my wheelbarrow when I went on his area.
  • How to call 50000 niggers at the bottom of the sea? - Quite good beginning.
  • Why sharks don't attack nigger? - Confuse them to shit of whales.
  • What will turn out if to cross the Black with gorilla? - Stupid gorilla!

Funny black jokes 3

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  • 'Cadillac' with four Blacks goes from break. What it isn't pleasant to you in this picture? - 'Cadillac' accommodates five persons!
  • Why is Stevie Wonder constantly smiling? - He doesn't know that he is Black.
  • What will you do, having seen the one-legged Black? - You will stop laughing and you will distort a lock.
  • What is considered good behavior at Harlem school? - The raised hand before a shot in teacher.
  • How the Black dressed in a suit is called? - Defendant.
  • What is eight miles in length and has IQ 68? - Parade in honor of day of Martin Luther King.

Black humor jokes 3

  • How to call white, surrounded with three blacks?

- Victim.

- Twenty black?

- Trainer.

- Two hundred blacks?

- Jailer.

  • Why aspirin is white? - Because is works.
  • The son of Jew and Black approaches the father and asks:

- Father, I am Black or Jew?

- And in what business is?

- The neighbor’s boy sells the bicycle for $20, I think to buy me it for $10 or to steel?

Black humor jokes 4

  • How to force the Black guy to stop dangling on your forward yard? - To move him on a backyard.
  • What you should throw to the sinking Black person? - His family.
  • How to call black on the moon?

- Problem.

- And hundred Blacks on the moon?

- Problem.

- How to call all Blacks on the moon?

- Solution.

Funny black jokes 1

Funny black jokes

  • What is the difference between the Black and onions? When you cuts onions, there are tears in your eyes.
  • Why Stevie Wonder can't read? - He is black.
  • Why Blacks carry shit (drugs) in the wallets? – For identification.
  • Why Blacks wear wide-brimmed hats? - Because of that birds can't poop on their lips.
  • That is green, pink, purple and orange? - The Black people are going to church.

Funny black jokes 2

  • What will you tell, having seen your TV floating at night? - Throw it, Nigger!
  • Why Blacks are so strong? - TVs are quite heavy stuff.
  • Why Blacks are so fast? - All slow are already behind bars.
  • What three things can't be given to the Black? - Black eyes, chubby lips and work.
  • Why white people go to garage sales to black? - To return their own things.
  • Why Black has red eyes after sex? - Because of pepper spray.
  • What is the general at clever Black and Santa Claus? Both are fictional characters.

Funny black jokes 3

  • Who has the biggest dick in the third class of school: Latino, white boy, or Black? The Black - he is sixteen.
  • How the shed full of dead Blacks is called? Old farmer equipment.
  • What is long and black? Turn of the unemployed.
  • How to begin black parade? To give penny ride down the street.
  • How Jesse Jackson has lost voices of many Blacks on elections? He has promised to give them jobs.
  • What happens if the Black looks at his family tree? The gorilla will poop on him.

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