When pastor starts preaching

People are wondering whether the pastors know how funny they sometimes are. Do they follow their own pieces of advice? Why don’t they admit their mistakes? You’ll find all the answers right now.

Well, this topic is extremely funny and specific. Pastors are simple people making mistakes, having fun. There are plenty of ‘when pastor starts preaching funny videos’ or ‘when pastor starts preaching memes’.

pastor preaching

So when a pastor starts preaching?

The term "preacher story" exists for an exact reason. Sometimes in the huge desire to illustrate a point of view, a preacher invents a fact or a whole story to help the audience come to his own point of view. It shouldn't happen, but it does all the time. Sometimes it looks really funny.

So have you heard something like that? What moments have you experienced when your pastor was preaching? Sometimes their texts are obviously just pulled out of their pocket. They often fabricate fact just to prove a point.

Boring-boring stories

preaching funny

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There are other kind of pastors who say truth without any fabricated facts. But. The preaching is very-very-very boring! A half a people is sleeping; another half is trying not to fall asleep. Pastor is not even trying to make his preaching more funny, interesting and inspiring. It’s just preaching… And that’s it. People love making funny videos or memes on this topic.


funny pastor

Sometimes it happens when you know something quite well, there appears a person who knows it better. What should you do? When pastor says something and there is a shout from the audience, like: ‘No! Solomon had a lot of wives and slept with all of them!’ There are 2 decisions. First one is lying. Second one is acceptance. Imagine you have hundreds of people in a church looking at you with trust. What would you choose? Yes. Usually pastors choose to lie. To say something like: ‘We do not know for sure’ or ‘he wouldn’t do something like that, you must believe’.

Bad pastor

bad pastor

Well, pastors are simple humans. They have their own problems and bad habits. Some pastors may come drunk and start preaching. But, frankly, such preaching won’t be boring for sure.

Obstinate pastor

Sometimes pastors make not religious mistakes. For example, once one pastor was talking about word Santana (as in the band). He said it means ‘Satan’ and anyone who listened to its music was inviting demons to take over their brain. But after being corrected by a Spanish teacher, who was listening to the preaching, a pastor said his claim came from the Holy Spirit and that God knows better than her. The coolest argument ever.

pastor about womanhood

Another pastor had his own ideas about Harry Potter book, which he hadn’t read. So. This book is about children using different spells to rebel against their adults (what’s important, this was with regard to the first book of Harry Potter, before Order of the Phoenix was released) and all the spells are real and children are constantly using them to rebel against their parents (and it was the worst possible sin for any child to commit). After he was refuted by some people who had actually read the book, they were told that his spiritual insight trumped their objective facts.

In any case, if you do something you should be a professional and everything will be ok!

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