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Who Will Love Me Just Who I Am?

I have been out of Love for about 2 & half years, since my girlfriend woked up to me one day & said "My Pastor has just proposed to me, I am sorry we can just be friend"

My thought (after enough expenditure) i had to let her go. The next thing i heard from her friend was "why, why chris, your girlfriend just got married and you did not attend the wedding" But the fact was that, i had no idear about the weding date.

After three months she appear to me looking as if she had lost everything. What happen i asked, she later married to another man but not the Pastor BUT THE WORST PART OF IT IS THAT MY HUSBAND CAN NOT HANDLE ME WELL IN BED LIKE YOU DID, my reply and so, "PLEASE WE CAN STILL GET BACK TOGETHER" hell no. that was the end.

Please I need a girl. I stay both in Abuja and Port Harcouirt due to my Job

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I'll go in 2007, Obasanjo insists. do you believe?

President Olusegun Obasanjo has declared that his administration has only 18 months left, and will certainly terminate in 2007; pledging again that he is not interested in the campaign by loyalists to stretch his tenure.

He made the point in Abuja on Thursday at a three-day retreat for ministers and permanent secretaries, where he also read the riot act to his audience on the need to respect one another’s roles.

Obasanjo warned that he would not tolerate bickering and sabotage in this “last lap” of his administration.

He stressed: “With barely over a year and a half in the life of this administration, and with the major task of consolidating our achievements and addressing those areas that still demand more concerted action, it is vital that we all understand the basic nature of the tasks ahead of us”.

Despite his assertion, groups championing his alleged third term bid have reportedly met in Abuja to hone their strategy.

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