10 signs of a real gentleman

Do you want to become a real gentleman? These 10 tips will be really helpful for those who want to change something about their behaviour but don’t know how to start.

real gentleman

If you suddenly realized that you behaviour hasn’t been that nice and gentle, you will surely need an instruction. First of all, it all starts with the desire to become a gentleman.

Even if you don’t know anything about it, it’s great that you have realized that there has been something wrong with your ideas of morality and politeness.

There is no doubt that being a gentleman is actually hard work – you are not born with it. However, it’s actually the responsibility of every parent to raise their kid to behave in a good way in the society.

The most important key to becoming a gentleman is respect for everyone around you. It doesn’t only apply on women. It has to come from the outside no matter what situation you have to face.

Therefore, there are top 10 signs of a gentleman.

1) His look is always on point

It might seem not that important to you. When we hear the word gentlemen we sometimes start thinking about a tall guy in a beautiful suit. However, it’s not about your style in clothing.

A guy with a T-shirt and sport shoes can also be a gentleman. It all depends on your attitude. If the clothes are clean and ironed- that’s perfect.

However, another important tip is not to wear the T-shirts with prints that might be offensive for someone. Try to avoid nasty clothes with the pictures of the naked women on them– it will scare the people.

And especially the women.

2) He knows that hygiene is important

Do you wonder how to be a real gentleman? Even though taking showers daily might seem obvious for you, there are still people who simply think it’s not that important.

real gentleman

But isn’t it sad that we have to deal with this issue now in 2016 when almost everyone has access to deodorants? What is more, never forget about your hairstyle!

3) He doesn’t act childish

Nowadays the social media have become the part of our lives and there’s nothing we can change about it right now.

That’s why most of the times if you meet someone in real life they will surely want to add you in Facebook or other networks.

And what if the girl you like sees the old embarrassing pictures of you that you posted a while ago but didn’t bother to delete? What is she going to think!

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Go through your profile and make sure there are also no offensive jokes or nasty comments. You need to be a grown-up in order to be a real gentleman.

4) He doesn’t cuss!

What you don’t understand when you use bad words is that they are offensive for others.

Even when you just casually use the f-word without any intention to insult your opponent they might perceive it in a really different way.

real gentleman

Moreover, if the people you talk to are religious you might seem like a really nasty person to them.

And even if you and your friends think that there’s no problem with that you might seriously reconsider your attitude.

Once again, you don’t have to think of it as your punishment or restriction – you should realize that it’s just not good. You can cuss when you are alone in your house – let your energy come out of you!

But don’t let anyone else hear any of it.

5) He is polite with everyone

It doesn’t matter who you are talking to – your girlfriend, your mom or the stranger on the street. Even if someone you don’t know wants to talk to you or ask for help – don’t reject them.

What will it cost you to be nice? Even a smile will make a difference. In case people are telling you about their problems, make sure you actually participate in conversation and listen to them carefully too.

It’s one of the most important signs of a gentleman.

6) He knows what he wants from life

It’s nice if you have already established your goals for life such as to buy a nice house and get married to a nice girl. However, there are more important things that you have to think about.

Spirituality is what means a lot. Think about the sense of life and form your own ideas about it. What is bad and what is good is a question of morality. What are your ideas about it?

7) He is confident

Of course none of us are perfect. We all have the moments of weakness. However, in general people who are not confident about what they want from their lives end up lost.

You don’t necessarily have to plan every step of your life but you really need to have some principles. And the people who you communicate with need to be aware of those principles.

This way you will make sure that you’re not lying and the people around can actually learn something good from you!

real gentleman

8) He never lets people down

Even though life doesn’t always go the way we want it, most of the times we are still able to control our actions. Therefore, if you want to become a real gentleman, try to keep your promises.

And in case you know that you won’t be able to do what the person asks you, just don’t reassure them that it’s not a problem for you!

9) He returns favours

If someone has done something nice for you, do something nice back!

Speaking specifically about favours, if your co-worker shared a piece of his pizza with you when you forgot your lunch at home, bring them a small present!

It’s not about money but it will mean that you show respect for that person.

10) He doesn’t pretend to be someone else

No one expects you to be perfect. You don’t have to be that person who is expected to always be happy and kind. We all have different situations in life and all of us make mistakes.

But the gentleman will admit when he is wrong and will surely apologize if he unintentionally hurts someone’s feelings. But most importantly – he is being himself!

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