Aliko Dangote: why he helps women in Nigeria?

How much is Dangote planning to spent helping women in Nigeria? The amount is shocking!

Charity is the measure to use when evaluating the life of rich people. Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria and the richest black man in the world. And he is a very generous one, too. Here is what he has done for Nigerian women to ease their life.

 helps women in Nigeria

How much Aliko Dangote has spent on helping women in Nigeria?

He owns many businesses and a huge cement production corporation in Nigeria. Wherever his company goes, they try to improve the lives of local people and provide new jobs for them. However, this time Aliko Dangote decided to help those who have no official job – the housewives.

Aliko Dangote helps women in Nigeria

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Many stay at home moms in Nigeria struggle with poverty. They have no or little education and no means to provide for themselves and their kids. If you can empower women and ease their lives, you can empower the nation. Obviously that is what Nigerian billionaire believes.  That is why recently he has spent over N400 million on empowering households.

 women in Nigeria?

40 000 poor women from Lagos area benefited from this foundation program. However, that is not the end of his charity. He has set aside over N10 billion for this program with over quarter of million women to benefit from it. Helping mothers and housewives can produce amazing benefits for their kids and families. Indeed it has the power to improve the life of the nation! God bless Mr. Dangote for his charity and generosity.


Now is the time, which is very little genuinely generous and kind people who really want to help others, especially the rich. Conversely if a rich man, then more greedy. And my opinion is more PR than the call of the soul. But there are good people who are really at their capabilities can help others, and not to consider it, and do not make yourself out of this noble face. Perhaps this man and no bad intentions, but it worked well this is not a good stereotype rich people. I was very interested in this article, and I think a lot of people take from it a piece of kindness, and will do it more.

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