Are freemasons satanic?

What are the history and an ideology of Freemasonic order? Are freemasons really satanic or do they have the other religion? Read the information below to find all answers about this mystical order.

are the freemasons satanic

Freemasons history

All of us fondly think that elected presidents and parliaments operate the different countries of the world (so-called states of the developed democracy) and people have the right to a casting vote in the adoption of fatal decisions. In reality, the world is ruled by a group of persons, who often don't have high positions and powers actually. They usually seek to keep in the background. Their names aren't known to the general public. But these people manipulate kings and presidents and decide destinies of the whole mankind.

Historians call such people masons, who have set as an object to build a certain spiritual temple of Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood, and that there has come general paradise without national and religious borders on the Earth. The purpose seems noble at the first sight. But some circumstances confuse.

The structure has a secret character. Entering the community people are obliged to bring an oath to keep the secret of the fact of the staying in the organization. And freemasons extend the ideas not with open promotion, but by the method of introduction of the necessary and faithful people in various sectors of society. It already suggests an idea of the activity of masons as conspiratorial and even criminal structure. Suspicions only amplify when you learn that in Masonic structures there are various extents of dedication. Only 33 of them are known to the experts, and in reality, their amount is not less than 99 (each subordinate sector has no idea neither of the purposes nor of members of higher structures). Therefore, the final, but not declared purpose of freemasonry is still unknown.

However, the Christian church, which is already engaged in Masonic secrets, not one century, has a quite reasonable opinion about it. Priests have found out, for example, that masons, despite the ostentatious atheism, worship a certain great architect of the Universe. The identity of this Masonic god is shown in the main freemason’s symbol: a circle, in which there are two mutually crossed triangles in the form of the turned five-pointed star or pentagram. It is a symbol of the devil. The Church considers that freemasonry prepares the arrival of Antichrist and brings a doomsday with its activity, like the construction of paradise on the earth. So are the freemasons satanic?

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Are freemasons satanic

Are freemasons satanic?

Many people incorrectly think that thirst for the destruction of religion owns Masonic community and that they have no own religious idea. Masons have the idea and the religious ideal. It is humanitarianism, which is an idolization of mankind and worshiping of the world. 'We can't recognize God as the life purpose anymore: we have created an ideal, which is not God, but mankind is'. But whom they worship instead of God? ‘We, masons, belong to Lucifer's family’ – one of the participants of community answers on this question. The Masonic order has accepted the Anthem to a Satan. According to usual tactics of a freemasonry, not only the Satanism but also, in general, the anti-Christian purposes reveal only in the highest degrees. Masons are accustomed to these ideas gradually and carefully. At first, they tell the beginning masons: ‘The freemasonry is neither church nor religion and to be really tolerant, it has to avoid a mention of Christ.’ In the book of freemasons-Illuminati, it is told: Masons have a task of establishment of natural religion on ruins of the existing Christian religions.’ It is the further step, after which tricks full of devilish rage against Church, religion, and God begin. In conclusion, carefully disappearing cult of a Satan, heritage, and continuation of black magic is opened. The masons who have reached the appropriate extent of dedication indulge in a cult of a Satan, and this cult is the official belief of Masonic tops. Needless to say that the cult of a Satan disappeared by masons.

In the report on Masonic morals the member of a box says: ‘Thus, I have tried to destroy or loosen your moral principles. This is a devilish role, and Christians are not so mistaken, accusing philosophers, and especially masons of Satanism.’ Other popular mason says that Lucifer has risen against God and has entrained some angels owing to 'scandalous injustice of divine administration.’ In effect, Lucifer represents the spirit of freedom. In this sense, the freemasonry quite accepts Satanism.

For Freemasons, the Satan is like the fallen angel expelled from heaven for fighting with God. God owns the sky; the Satan owns the earth. The Satanist has preferred the Satan, he refuses God and his future paradise, he will be condemned, but it is better for him. Eternal hell will be a place of pleasures for him, where he will enjoy the devil’s presence.


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Answered 9 months ago.

I think freemasonry needs to use of their member in the right places and position instead of repeating the same ritual and get them more interested and this makes the brotherhood much stronger. Freemasons are the best bunch of people to get to know. Talking about Lucifer which comes from Latin meaning the light bearer which we are all looking for and in the Bible referred to as the morning star which is the sun. In another word enlightenment. In one way or another we all directly or indirectly worship Lucifer.

Answered 1 year ago.

This article is sheer nonsense. Members of all faiths join the Masons. Frankly, we don't talk about religion in Lodge because we practice religious tolerance in search of harmony. What faith you follow is your business, certainly not the Masons. I wrote an article on this some time ago:



Tim Bryce

Palm Harbor, FL, USA

Answered 1 year ago.
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