Are superheroes real? - Check out TOP 15 jaw-dropping human abilities

Can superheroes exist in a real life? The answer is definitely yes! What can they do? You’ll find all the answers here right now! Top 15 jaw-dropping human abilities!

super power

Superhero films are very popular nowadays. Have you even wished to join superheroes with your superpower abilities? Everyone thought about it at least once. But have you ever seen real people with special skills? What is their superpower in real life? Check out our superheroes list here!

Claudio Pinto

1. Eye popping super power man: Claudio Pinto has become famous due to his ability to pop eyes 95% out of their sockets!

Stephen Wiltshire

2. Super visual memory: Smart Stephen Wiltshire has the capacity to look at any subject once, remember it perfectly and create a detailed drawing of it extremely accurately. Stephen could accurately recreate all the details of New York City after a short helicopter flying above it!

Daniel Smith

3. The rubber boy: Welcome Daniel Smith, who was called the most flexible man in the world. He’s so flexible, that he can dislocate his arms to fit them through a simple tennis racket! Daniel Smith has already got three Guinness World Records due to his extremely special abilities.

Steel teeth

4. Steel teeth: Malaysian Rathakrishnan Velu can pull weights of about 200 tonnes using only his teeth! Rathakrishnan says he got this amazing capacity when a popular Indian guru taught him to how to channel all his energy and power to any single part of the body. He was 14 then.

Hai Ngoc

5. He never sleeps: A guy, whose name is Hai Ngoc, hasn’t slept since 1973, when he got flu! It’s strange, but his organism continues to function normally and the total lack of sleep hasn’t affected his daily activities and mood.

Isao Machii

6. Super reflexes: Japanese Isao Machii has the capability to process the things around in a different, strange way to normal people. Seeing any item moving through the air, he can predict the exact location of it at any given period of time with incredible accuracy. Isao Machii uses his talent to cut the items in the air using his favorite Katan. He decided to entertain people – Isao Machii is very famous on the Internet for beautiful chopping up in the air.

Wim Hof

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7. Man of ice: Welcome Wim Hof, he is totaly impervious to cold. Well, that’s true, because he climbed Mount Everest wearing nothing but his bicycle shorts! The Mount Everest temperatures may vary from minus 35 degrees Celsius and about minus 60 degrees Celsius.  Any other person would have been dead in minutes after being on such cold without any correct protection.

Ben Underwood

8. Seeing not looking: Ben Underwood unfortunately lost his eyesight when he was just 3 years old. It happened because of cancer. Ben can make different clicking sounds with his mouth and judge and process the echo to get what obstacles surround him or are situated on his path. This unique capability lets Ben Underwood walk around and travel without assistance. He liked riding his bike. A boy had totally normal childhood habits and experiences.

Dean Kamazes

9. Super endurance: Dean Karnazes is a famous long distance runner. He has hyper endurance. He managed to run during 80 hours non-stop (it was about 350 miles). Also he ran 50 marathons in 50 different states in 50 days in sequence. Dean, don’t stop! Keep on running!

Michel Lotito

10. I eat everything: French Michel Lotito tried to eat rubber, metal and different sorts of strange and crazy stuff. Most of them shouldn’t ever enter the human’s body at all! But it doesn’t stop him, he continues.

Tibet Monks

11. I can change my body temperature: The Tibet ‘Garth’ Monks have the weird capability to change the temperature of their bodies using only their thoughts and energy! It was recorded that they managed to change their temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius.

Tim Cridland

12. No pain man: A ‘superman’ Tim Cridland could become a real superhero. He is the man, who feels no pain at ll. Cridland decided to use this capability for shocking entertainment. He pushes needles and different skewers into various body of his parts.

David Tammet

13. Top brain: A guy David Tammet has an extremely special brain. David can solve very complex mathematical tasks using only his brain in his hea


14. He is magnetized: 70 years old Liew Thow Lin has recently discovered his amazing capability to stick any metallic objects to his own body. It works like a magnet!

lion owner

15. Lion lover: Animals’ fan Kevin Richardson became very close to different wild animals, as for example: cheetahs, hyenas and lions. These animals treat him as one of them!

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