Armed robbers in Nigeria: the list of 5 bloodiest and worst of them

Who were the top armed robbers in Nigeria? The stories of these top 5 are bloody and fascinating!

Armed robbers in Nigeria

Even this year Nigeria faced several bold and cold blooded robberies. People got kidnapped, robbed and even killed. But who were the top armed robbers of all times in Nigeria? Let’s get top 5 list of them.

Top 5 list of the armed robbers in Nigeria

These people made it into Nigerian gang and armed robbery history. They may even be proud of it, but most of them were downright scoundrels. Get their names and find out what they got famous for.

  1. Armed robber Dr. Oyenusi

    His name was Ishola Oyenusi, and he was a very violent robber. Many Nigerians dreaded him terribly. He lived and committed evil right after the Civil War in the 70s. He had no education and yet called himself a “doctor”.
    Most of his activities were done in the Lagos area. He was snatching cars, killing people, stealing money. And back in 1977 one of the Nollywood directors even filmed a movie about the guy. He ended up caught by the police back in 1971. He and his buddies were publicly executed at the Bar Beach in Lagos.
    His whole Gang of Seven was killed that day, and over 30 000 Nigerians witnessed the event. They all were shot dead by the soldiers.
    Armed robbers
  2. Babatunde Folorunsho

    He is the next one on our list of the top armed robbers of Nigeria. His deeds can almost be matched to those of Dr. Oyenusi. His gang operated during the same times, as our #1. He was a Yoruba and mainly carried out his operations in the Edo state.
    Babatunde Folorunsho

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  3. Shina Rambo

    This robber is a mystery. Some people say he is a myth, while others believe he was the real person.  He was born back in 1963 in West Nigeria. His gang seemingly operated in the 90s. His goal was the fancy and exotic cars, and he operated in Ogun State. They say his father had 18 wives!
    Later on, the story tells he got converted to Christianity and even became an evangelical pastor!
    Shina Rambo
  4. Inspector George Iyamu

    The man was a real success in his police career. He made it all the way to the top but decided to combine the two career: a one of the police officer and the other of a robber. She sold his police information to the gang leaders and was one of the top men in Arms to Anini gang.

  5. Abiodun Egunjobi

    He grew up in the slums. It’s not a surprise for a band leader. Police could not catch him for over 14 years. He operated in the Lagos state. He successfully robbed the bank, and his gang killed over 100 policemen!
    Abiodun Egunjobi

As you may see, these 5 top armed robbers caused much damaged, made people live in fear,  and murdered many, but they all ended up caught and executed.

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