Bermuda triangle facts and myths

What scientific researches took place on the territory of Bermuda Triangle? What surprising facts did scientist open? Read the article to learn more information about this mystical place.

Bermuda triangle facts and myths

Our planet is full of mystical places, which have no any logical explanation. Let’s learn more Bermuda triangle facts.

Bermuda triangle facts and myths

  • The Bermuda Triangle received its negative popularity in June 1502. Then 30 caravels loaded with gold, belonging to the governor of the island of Hispaniola (Haiti) sailed from San Domingo, disappeared. Three of them returned to the port of departure many hours later. As captains of the ships explained the incident, their vessels could cope with a storm. Other 27 caravels disappeared forever. It is one of the ancient documentary confirmed cases. And in 1840 near Nassau port – the capital of the Bahamas – the French sailing ship Rosalie, which was in drift, was revealed. All sails were lifted on it, the ship stayed in fine condition, but the team was absent. No entries, which could clear up the main point in the logbook, were found.
  • On March 6 in 1918 near the Bermuda Triangle, the Cyclops ship was gone. On its board were 390 people and a big consignment of ore. The U.S. President has even joined the search, but has found nothing.
  • Behind the territory of Bermuda Triangle in 1945, the observation was established. Rescuers, experts and scientists took part in this project. Exactly thanks to this team, 140 thousand human lives were saved. It seems that a secret will be revealed. But not everything is so simple. All that became known to scientists only nonplused them more. Since that moment as observation of a triangle was established, in this territory has completely disappeared more than 100 pieces of equipment, both water, and air vessels. They have just disappeared, without having left any trace behind. No characteristic spots of oil, any fragments, nothing in general have been found. The bottom in the Bermuda Triangle was surveyed completely, but it wasn't succeeded to find something. As passengers also haven't been found, the Bermuda Triangle was nicknamed as the Cemetery of Atlantic.

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Bermuda triangle myths

  • Let's remember myths and legends, in which inhabitants of Atlantis have created certain storage of knowledge before the death of the continent. Such storages still are under Tibet and under the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. Scientists have assumed at once that near Bermuda Triangle there is a continent of Atlantis. However, such theory hasn't received any confirmation. Bermuda triangle myths say that today near coast of Puerto Rico people often notice various shining and flying objects. It should be noted that Bermuda Triangle researchers noticed more than once that unknown objects took off directly from ocean depths, and flew up in the zigzag movements.
  • American scientists in 1992 made the analysis of bottom over the territory of the Bermuda Triangle. In its center, the big pyramid was found. Interesting fact: its sizes exceeded the sizes of pyramid of Cheops almost three times! In order to study it completely, researchers needed more than a month. The pyramid had not only the improbable sizes, but also very smooth surface. Signals, which were reflected from this object, established that material, of which this enormous pyramid is made, has ideally equal condition. Any cockleshell wasn't fixed on it. Scientist couldn't find anything that would demonstrate that a pyramid is deeply under water. People, who directly saw a pyramid, claim that material, of which it is made, reminds glass or ceramics. They didn't find also and any divisions into blocks. Any official reports, videosand information of the pyramid located at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle weren't carried out. Perhaps, they became strictly secret.

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