Betty Lou Williams: A woman with four legs

What do you know about a woman born with four legs named Betty Lou Williams? Her story is truly amazing. Learn more about her here.

Betty Lou Williams

An amazing woman named Betty Lou Williams was a pure miracle when she was born. She was born with an unknown before health condition: she had four legs. She got into the history as a woman born with four legs.

Betty was born on a cold January in 1932 in the United States of America. Her name was Lillie B. Williams; however, she is mostly known as Betty Lou William. Her parents did not expect her to be born, as she was already the twelfth child in the family. Her parents were poor and found it hard to pay their bills.

The reason for her health condition is because she was born with what the doctors described as a “parasitic sibling” whose legs she eventually was left with. The rest of the body of this sibling consisted of a head that was securely hidden in Betty’s abdomen.

Betty Lou Williams wiki

Somehow she managed to survive and learned how to live with these unusual conditions. At a very early age, she was discovered by a doctor whose name was Best who found the girl interesting and took her to his museum in New York. Betty Lou Williams according to the wiki data was a part of his exhibition there. Given her peculiarities, she became quite popular and attracted much attention of the publicity. That is when she was first noticed by Ripley who was in charge of a famous Fair called “Believe it or Not?!”

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Two men discussed the possibility of Betty Lou Williams participation in the fair and agreed that she would get $250 for working at the fair for a whole week. That was quite an easy money. As she grew her revenue rose with her. That is how she ended up making a firm thousand a week by just posing for people and taking parts in all kinds of shows and exhibitions.

Just like in a beautiful fairy-tale, Betty Lou Williams turned out to be a beautiful woman, as she grew up. Despite still being a lady with four legs, she was attractive. She had all the positive qualities a lady needed: she was tactful, generous, kind, funny, and she was incredibly beautiful.

woman with four legs

That is when great numbers of men interested in dating her lined up. Betty Lou Williams took her time to pick the one she really loved, as she knew that a lot of them were also attracted to her wealth and not her personality. After a long consideration, Betty chose the man she genuinely fell in love with. She proposed to her soon, and she could not but agree to become his wife. The days of getting ready for the wedding day started. As all the girls Betty Lou Williams was dreaming of becoming a beautiful bride and spending the rest of her life in a happy marriage with the man she would soon say “I Do” to.

Unfortunately, these are the dreams that never came true, as the man she was going to marry, turned out to be a thief. Little did she know that he did not love her after all. She ended up broken hearted, as he not only stole her heart full of dreams and aspirations when ran away from her but also took a significant part of her possessions.

woman born with four legs

On top of that, Betty Lou Williams did not know that she would soon face a deadly disease. Even though doctors promised her that she would live a long and a fruitful life, she did not make it to her twenty-fourth birthday. According to the obituary of Betty Lou Williams, she died of the asthma attack, a disease she never had a sign of before. This all happened in her own house in Trenton, that is in New Jersey state.

Betty Lou Williams was an amazing woman who never gave up despite all the difficulties she had to face considering her unusual health conditions. We have a lot to learn from her. And one of the lessons I personally consider valuable is that life can take unexpected turns. All I need is to never lose hope and keep moving. And so should you!

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