Biggest dinosaur in the world: which one is it?

Which dinosaur is the largest in the world? The size of this beast is amazing!

biggest dinosaur

The history of our world is amazing. Scientists keep digging out incredible finds. One of them is this giant dinosaur, the largest in the world.

Dinosaur fight: who is the largest?

It’s not for nothing that scientists have given it a name “titanosaur”. It is the largest they have found this far. Plus, the former winner provided just few fossil bones, but this one supplies 150 of the well preserved remnants.

largest dino

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They have discovered it in the La Flecha desert. A farmer worker was wondering around and found some stone sticking out of the ground. Scientists were happy to learn they belonged to a 77 tons beast, who had at least 20 meters in height and 40 meters in length. He weighs as much as 14 African elephant do.


The former largest dino weighted around 70 tonnes, but this one is 7 tonnes heavier. The super dino fed on leafs and lived in the ancient woods. It’s hard to imagine such a huge beast walking the surface of our planet, but it’s a part of our history.

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