Black people with blue eyes, is that a mutation?

Black people with blue eyes - is that a mutation or heath problem? Why is it considered to be connected with magic? Find out all the interesting facts here right now!

african with blue eyes

Blue Eyes in Africa are very rare. However, there are some black people with this trait. Some ‘superstitious’ people create a lot of strange theories, perhaps, to the disclosure of this rarity. If not to talk about contact lenses and Photoshop, Africans have blue eyes, but it is not as usual and common as brown eyes that are endemic to the entire black race.

Black people. Blue eyes.

beautiful black girl

So when you meet a black African, who does not even have a racially mix ,with blue eyes, keep your reservations, because unlike any strange thought that may come to mind, they are totally normal people with a very rare genetic mutation or even a state of health.

Blue eyes are not only the Caucasian line, it goes beyond ethnicity and race; moreover, black people are much more prone to huge genetic diversity. Check up the information you need to learn about the black people with blue eyes:

blue-eyed kid

1. Scientific discoveries have proved that under all the brown eyes there are blue eyes; both of them are separated by a very small thin layer.

2. Waardenburg syndrome is a rare genetic visual condition, which creates blue eyes - affects both or one. It can even affect hearing loss. And it could also be a symptom of ocular albinism.

3. This may be an indication of melanin deficiency. As melanin helps body to protect your skin from the dangerous sun's ultraviolet rays, it protects the visual cells at the back of the eyes too.

 ‘Any eye color is the result of changes in the amount of melanin pigment found in front of the iris. The complete absence of this pigment leads to blue eyes, some pigment gives a green color, and a lot of pigment gives brown eyes. So light brown eyes have a little bit less melanin than any darker brown eyes. All different shades of eye color occur in the same way. Blue-green eyes have the amount of melanin between blue and green, hazel eyes always have a special number of pigments between green and, of course, brown, etc.'

blue-eyed girl

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1. Medically we have no recorded advantage to have blue eyes, but in a modern style, it can be called fashionable. That’s why, people decorate their ‘healthy’ color of eyes with blue or green contact lenses. One unusual feature has a way to be attractive - dimple is another good example.

2. A few other eye diseases – for example such as uveal melanoma (which is the most common form of eye cancer in adults), and also age-related macular degeneration is much more common for people with lighter eye colors.

3. It’s interesting, but it takes (even one brown-eyed) parent with this gene (dominant or recessive) can have a blue-eyed baby.

black kid with blue eyes

‘The blue eyes mutation is a change in the HERC2 gene. It is considered to have appeared first 10,000 years ago around the Black Sea and then it gradually managed to move to the west. It’s surprisingly as the gene is recessive, so the blue-eyed people should always have two copies and one from each parent’.

4. Due to blue eyes you can reveal pigmentation problem, thus blue-eyed people often have vitiligo - a special skin condition, when the skin loses its needed pigmentation, thereby enabling embedding some parts of the body, pigmentation problem can also affect the hair and mouth.

5. It is considered that all blue-eyed people share the same one ancestor, who may have lived between 6000 and 10,000 years ago (according to Copenhagen Hans Eiberg University).

blue-eyed african

So you can meet black people with green eyes or blue eyes and they are simple people as we are. The only one difference is the gene and that’s it. The beliefs that these people have magic powers, they are cursed, extremely sick or something like that still remains only prejudices.

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