Bleeding glacier: what turns water red as blood?

The mystery of the bleeding glacier is solved. Learn what causes the water to look bloody red.

Bleeding glacier

Antarctica is covered in white and shiny brace of ice. However, back in 1911 one Australian found this bleeding glacier. What does it mean and what makes it so red?

Why does the glacier bleed?

It’s a real wonder of nature. And it does not look very pretty. It looks more like some bad omen or apocalyptic site, where the water is turned into blood. Was there a crime committed here? No. But that water springing from under the glacier looks bloody!

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Scientists believe they know the answer to this mystery. That water is thrice as salty as the ocean one. It had no chance of freezing. And there are large lakes of it hidden underneath the ice. It has been there for over 5 million years. It had no contact with air or sunlight.

Now the glaciers fade and this one got cracks in it. So, the water flows out. Initially it does not have the color of blood, but when it contacts with the oxygen, it turns ruby red. At first the scientists believed the lakes were small, but now they suspect they are huge and cover large underground territories. As the water flows out, significant parts of Antarctica may turn red instead of white.

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