Bloody rituals and dances: How do Haitians celebrate Easter?

What scaring rituals do Haitian voodoo followers have? How do they celebrate Ester and why women stain their clothes with blood? Find out in this article!

Haitian voodoo

Haitian voodoo followers celebrate yearly ceremony in a very weird way. They have really strange traditions and engage in a various bizarre routine which will impresse everybody!

How do Haitians celebrate Easter?

This year hundreds of followers of Haitian voodoo gathered for the annual religious ceremony on Easter Sunday. It happened in a suburb of Gonaives, in Souvenance. It is the north of Port-au-Prince. Followers made the pilgrimage to Souvenance Mystique, which is their holy temple. They took part in a various ritual there. This way they expressed their devotion to the spirits, called loas. 

Haitian voodoo gathered together

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How do they do it?

Easter is one of the holiest days in the Voodoo calendar. All believers dress in white closes, bathe in a scared pool, sacrifice animals a dance themselves into a trance. 

sacrifice animals

Women stain their white clothes with the blood of goats, which were sacrificed. Males and females usually dance outside the temple.

Women stain their white clothes with the blood of goats,

Some of the Haitians hold wooden or real machetes. Others dance and enter a trance state. After that, some of the voodoo followers swim in the nearby pool. This pool is believed to be sacred.

 voodoo followers swim in the nearby pool.

When the tradition appeared?

Voodoo rituals appeared a long time ago, which were brought to Haiti from West Africa by slaves. However, it wasn’t recognized as a religion till the 1960s.

Voodoo rituals

Many rituals and holy celebrations match the events in the Catholic Christian faith. Previously, it was the religion of the French Haitian slave masters. Interesting to know that it was forbidden for slaves to practice Voodoo faith. So by celebrating the same days as Catholic masters, they were able to conceal their religion.

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