Burial rituals: 5 most shocking in the world

What are some of the most shocking burial rituals from around the world? Learn about the 5 scariest.


Not everywhere the dead people are placed in coffins and buried in the ground. In some countries people do crazy things with their dead. Learn about the 5 most shocking burial traditions from around the world.

  1. Cliffs’ coffins
    Chinese used to put their dead up closer to the sky. So they used wooden coffins and nailed them to the rock walls of high cliffs. It also showed the respect and admiration for the dead.
  2. Eating them dead
    Eating the bodies of dead people is practiced in several parts on the globe. One of them is Papua New Guinea and the other one is Brazil. They cook and eat the meat of the dead relatives. Scientists believe that such awful practices helped the tribes to survive in regions, where the food sources are scarce. So, cannibalism allowed them to have more meat in the diet!
  3. Vultures
    In several parts of the world people used these birds to get rid of the bodies of their dead. In the nature they eat the dead bodies of the animals. Why not use them for people, too? They place bodies up in the high towers for the birds to consume them.
  4. Tree grave
    In Africa people are buried on the branches of the great trees. It shows the respect and affection of the relatives for the diseased. They tied up the huge baskets with the bodies to the tree’s branches.
  5. Sati
    It’s a scary ritual, where a wife is killed to keep the company to her dead husband. In some places she was strangled. This way they got rid of the widows and did not have to support them. Plus they believed they had to punish a woman who outlived her husband.

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As you see these rituals are shocking and scary indeed!

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