Can a fake butt explode?

Is it possible for a fake butt to explode? Learn the whole and shocking truth!

Can a fake butt explode

People are getting obsessed with beauty and huge butts. This craze has affected many women and made them get fake butts. But are these implants safe and can fake butts explode?

Fake butts: how safe they are?

Surgeons have several types of these implants. They make your bums rounder, bigger and curvier. That’s what women want. A decade ago a large butt was not so popular, but such girls as JLo and Kim Kardashian popularized them and started the craze.

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Serena Beuford

Now women rush to plastic surgeons begging them to pump it up! Some go to an extreme length with such experiments. One of such ladies is Serena Beuford. She resides in USA and this lady wanted to outmatch them all.

She has done the surgery and her bums become exceptional. She laid out many photos on Instagram and became popular. However, the peak of this popularity was not a happy event for her. Once she was at a gym with her friend. They did squats and worked out hard. She tried to lift weights and her bums have just exploded!


She was screaming stricken with pain and horror. Parts of the skin were reaped off her booty. The implants have gone into a big boom. Eventually, Serena ended up in a hospital and she is in coma now. This butt craze can cost her life! So, fake butts can explode and there are not safe!

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