Can a snake eat a crocodile? – Shocking photos

Shocking photos of what happened when a snake tried to eat a croc!

 snake exploded after eating a crocodile

Such snakes as pythons or anacondas are well capable of strangling and swallowing a big prey. But what happens when a snake tries to eat a croc? See the shocking photos!

Snake explodes after eating a crocodile

This python has grown to be pretty large. It was almost 4 meters in length. Such a snake is quite able to kill and eat large animals or even humans. However, this greedy creature clearly swallowed more than it could digest.

 snake exploded

Scientists who passed by on a boat have found two weird corpses in the water. One belonged to the aforementioned huge python, while the other one was of a crocodile inside it. The snake’s body was ripped apart. People do not know exactly how that happens, but there are two versions.

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 snake eating a crocodile

According to one of them the croc was still alive, when being inside the snake and tried to break away. The second version is more probable: the snake started digesting its prey, but it was too big and begun rotting inside. The gases it created exploded the python and killed it!

This unlucky python proves that a snake cannot eat a croc and better stay away from such meals!

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