Can man be pregnant?

I believe women often ask this question: can a man be pregnant and take all their pain they experience in the labor and during their pregnancies? Let’ see if this can really happen.

pregnant man

Did you ever hear a pregnant woman complaining about the hardships she goes through during her pregnancy? Sore boobs, cramping, sharp pains, frequent need to go to the bathroom and what is even worse – her baby weight she gains while being pregnant?

These complaints are pretty popular among the ladies despite the fact that it is an incredible feeling of becoming one whole with the baby and a feeling of future motherhood. Moreover, women often complain that their husbands do not fully understand what they have to go through in the period of the pregnancy.

Even Charlie Chaplin stated in his will that he wanted $1 million to be given to a man who gets pregnant and then gives birth to the child. He was certain that such a prize will encourage the scientists to come up with a solution for such a dilemma.

And then in 2007 one man got pregnant. There was much around the story until it got obvious that this man was not born as a man.

pregnant man beatie

Meet Mr. Thomas Beatie. He is 42 years old now, and he gave birth to his first child in 2008. He became a real shock – the first man giving birth to a child in a natural way! What is the story of the first pregnant man in the history?

Well, it turned out to be pretty simple. Mr. Beatie used to be a woman until one day he realized that he really wanted to be a man. This thought occurred to him while in the Medical school, so after a thorough research he started taking testosterone which led him to having facial hair and eventually to changes in his sexual organs. Moreover, later he underwent a surgery where he received man’s sexual organs.

Mr. Beatie decided he wanted to keep his uterus and other organs essential to having children and giving birth. And after he got married to his wife they decided that they wanted to have children. That is when they considered getting an anonymous sperm from a sperm bank.

pregnant man giving birth

Mr. Beatie, or the first male mother, was artificially inseminated. The couple only had a few days for him to get pregnant, as due to the changes in the body of Mr. Beatie after he started taking testosterone treatment he only had a few days in a year when it as possible for him to conceive a baby.

However, their attempt was successful, and in 2008 the world was shaken by the news of the first delivery by a pregnant MAN. Their first child was a girl whom they named Susan who is turning eight this year.

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Moreover, the couple did not want to stop and only have one child. Their perfect family was supposed to have at least three children. Therefore, Mr. Beatie and his wife decided to use more pf the sperm they have from the sperm bank to get another baby – and that is how Mr.Beatie became the first pregnant man ever for the second time. Their son is turning seven years old this year, and the couple named him Austin.

pregnant man delivery

Their last child was born on July 25 in 2011. Mr. Beatie looked very happy and proud as a couple. However, he was willing to lose the baby weight and that is why he tried his best to get rid of the weight he gained. The pregnant man’s belly grew just like the mothers’ bellies usually grow, so he gained some extra weight and was willing to get rid of it and get his athletic abs back.

You would be surprised to learn that it really did happen: a year after the birth of their third child, baby boy Jensen, Mr. Beatie posted a picture where he is playing with children in a pool. From what can be seen on the picture, he regained his athletic shapes back, and looks as if he never gave birth.

The family suffered from the decrease in sales in their family business. What seemed to be a successful business – they sold T-shirts with all kinds of prints – turned out to be a disaster. Mr. Beatie and his wife had to close their business, as people did not want to buy anything from them in the view of their lifestyle and their beliefs.

pregnant man first

Nevertheless, right now a family wants to start a new business: they hope to launch a series of trainings on probably family life and bringing the children up. They claim that they had a very tough year, as people did not support them and they had financial issues. However, they hope for the better and have already written down a plan for their new business.

Despite the fact that Mr. Beatie is the first man ever to be pregnant as well to give birth to a child, the deal established by Charlie Chaplin determined that the money will be given only to a man who was born as a man and still could conceive and give birth. Consequently, Mr. Beatie did not meet the requirements and thus, was not given the promised $1 million.

pregnant man film junior

In addition, the whole idea of a man getting pregnant seemed unreal and amusing to many people. It was so interesting that one day Ivan Reitman came up with an idea of producing a film in which a man becomes pregnant as a part of his scientific research.

The film was released in 1994 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson in the leading roles. The movie was called “Junior” and, unfortunately, it only got four stars out of 10.

Whatever the critics say, the film was fun. So you can try watching it if you are interested in the topic. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that God created people in such a way that he gave both men and women their roles. And probably that is why men cannot get pregnant and prove the science wrong!

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