Can transgender get pregnant?

Who is transgender? What is the definition of this word? Can they get pregnant and bear a child? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about transgender people here!

transgender woman

Sex is determined by the physiological structure of the human, while gender is determined by the properties of personality, appearance, and behavior. However, nowadays transgender woman and transgender man appear all the time all over the world.

It all starts back in the hospital - colorful test tubes with the time of birth, which is tied to the leg of the newborn, pink or blue ribbons, which happy parents carry home. And then - cars or dolls, dresses or pants, car or expensive jewelry... In our world, the category of gender measures almost everything. According to the sex, resulting from birth, unit behaviors are already attached, following which you become a full member of society.

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Of course, in our time there may be some discrepancy in gender stereotypes - you're not surprised or outraged seeing a woman in a man's shirt and jeans, or a lady occupied making money for her family? At the same time a young lady, taking a great interest in bodybuilding, or a young man, who prefers to wear skirts, becomes very controversial in a society and, as a rule, provokes negative reaction. Significant discrepancies in gender stereotypes cause others to doubt if this person normal and often make him an outcast.

transgender man

Basically, this situation does not bother most people, almost do not prevent it, in fact it is easy to reconcile with the need to conform to gender stereotypes, if you see them from childhood. But sometimes people are born (in the world of the medicine it is called gender identity disorder) differently, a person is born in the body of a man, but feels like a woman, or vice versa.

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Also, there are cases when people, regardless of biological sex do not feel neither male nor female, that is, is bigender. Some of those, who are faced with such a problem, just want to be perceived as representatives of their gender, but not sex, however of some does not think it’s enough. People who wish to or change their physical sex, called transgender. This is a short transgender definition.

Contrary to popular belief, transgender people have no relation to the cross-dressing or homosexuality. Unlike transvestites, who think it is enough to dress in clothes of the opposite sex (in this case, they often suffer from disorders of gender identity), transgenders need real transgender surgery. This disease is not related to sexual orientation - among transgender people you can meet hetero and homo, and bi orientation.

transgender people

There are several versions, why trangenders are born. Some believe that this is dictated by genetic, others say that the reason is the hormonal failure during the mother's pregnancy. Experts agree that the causes of transgender are generally not psychological, but biological. For example, there is evidence that a certain part of the hypothalamus, which varies in size in men and women’s bodies, match their gender in transgerser’s body, not his biological sex.

People, who are new to the specifics of the problem, sometimes feel the desire to change the sex just a whim. In order to understand transgender, we must remember that this is not true. A person, who suffers from this disorder, considers his life unbearable body. Society requires him or her conduct the appropriate biological sex, while all of his or her being tends to behave according to gender. For such people attempts to behave according to gender usually end in psychiatric wards with a diagnosis of ’depression’.

transgender man woman

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In all that does not apply to issues of gender, transgenders are simple people like everyone else. They study, work, fall in love, get married or get divorced, have children and just walk the streets.  Transgender must not look different from people who are not undergoing such a surgery. If the surgery is successful, and hormone therapy has acted as it should, then the transgender man does not seem like an effeminate, in the same way as trans-woman will not look like a man, wearing a dress.

Of course, operated transgender meets the problem that it is not always possible to get the full achieving of resemblance with the gender. A lot of things depend on the original constitution, because the bones do not change the structure and size, even after hormone therapy. Also of great importance – the age at which treatment was initiated. Practice shows that the early underwent surgery means the more valid for others will a person's appearance be.

simple transgenders

Transgender - a serious illness that requires a very complex and expensive treatment. But much bigger problem appears when transgenders try to reconcile the world with their new status. They face at least distrust, contempt and denial; in fact the world blames them that they were born with this defect. In Muslim countries, the penalty for transgender is death.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the world are afraid to tell the world about who they are. They are not to blame, because withstanding the pressure of society after coming out (the recognition of his true sex in front of other people) cannot be easy for everyone.

But usually such people say it worth it. Especially if they want kids and if it’s possible.

Life story

healthy pregnancy

If the person changed sex and had a hormone therapy, there are no chances to bear a child. However, nowadays there a lot of other options, such as, for example to freeze sperm or egg.

But trangender people always surprise the audience. American trangender pregnant man Thomas Beatie appeared in web a few years ago. The world's first pregnant man, 4 weeks prior to childbirth, decided to show his rounded belly.

pregnant Thomas Beati

As a child, 34-year-old Beatie was a beautiful girl named Tracy Lagondino and even participated in a beauty contest Miss Young Hawaii. But ten years ago, he made a partial sex change operation: breast was removed and the hormones were injected. Since Thomas’s female reproductive organs have been preserved, he and his 45-year-old wife, Nancy (who has her uterus removed) could have a baby.

Thomas Beati in hospital

‘I feel on top of the world, - said Thomas, - I cannot wait to see the face of my daughter!’ ‘It is already 36 weeks old - adds a father - and we have already prepared for the baby girl some diapers, stacked in her bedroom – everything is waiting for her arrival’.

‘In fact, when I realized that I became pregnant, I immediately climbed into the internet to find out how all women suffer the pain during pregnancy - shared Thomas - but I did not have any pain, everything went surprisingly easy.

Thomas Beati and son

Thomas, fertilized with sperm of an anonymous donor, bore a baby girl in July 2008 by means of cesarean section. And after that in 2009 he got pregnant again and bore a healthy baby-boy.


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