Can you name 20 things you will regret when you get old?

What are the best tips, which older generation can give to young people? How to do right choice and give attention to most of things, about which we often forget? Read the article to learn the main points.

Young living

We have to constantly choose and make decisions. Young living goes fast and we don’t notice it, forgetting about a great amount of important things we wanted and had to do. Probably, it is impossible to calculate 40 moves ahead of our choice as in chess, and especially its long-term consequences being a young man. Of course, it is better to ask the elderly what they regret. These are general things that probably come to regret in old age.

  • How much precious time wasted in front of the TV screen! The ongoing television series, all kinds of shows with tears and other things, which you cannot remember now. And why?
  • Our generation will probably regret that they exchanged real life to the virtual, tangled in the Internet. Many of them have forgotten how to communicate with real alive people. Other form their own idea about everything, including about their friends based only on the information in the social networks. When they will become older, they will understand that life was a continuous illusion.

young man

  • Many will berate themselves for indulging their harmful habits and unsuccessful trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Because these habits may lead to irreversible consequences for health.
  • You often hear about life was spent in futile bustle. We hurried to earn something and did not enjoy the beauty of our world around. And now, the vision fails, the legs do not go. We can’t enjoy beauty again, but for other reasons.
  • People get stuck at a certain stage of development. They cease to learn, to strive, to dare, to set and achieve goals.
  • Old people didn’t enjoy the sunrise and sunset being young. Of course, the sun is not going anywhere, there are more important concerns, after all!
  • People have ceased to do pleasant nonsense. You will regret that rare, or never have got out frames of public morals and other standards of behavior.

older friends

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  • Be as children! – Jesus Christ said. We want to mature too quickly. And then we regret that always were too serious, and didn't dare to stay children once again.
  • We have no time, we have terribly important affairs, and therefore older friends were always on the backgrounds. We spend not enough time with friends, we don't appreciate them. Bit friends are a gift. Well, and now many of them won't be able to return in our life.
  • How many forces and energy we spend for negative emotions? What has it brought to us finally? For what and whom we concealed our offenses, saved rage and fell into excessive suspiciousness?
  • Who has lack of our love, heat and care most of all? Of course, our dearest, closest and favorite people. We spend more time with colleagues or with strangers in general. Of course, we think about it, but only when someone leaves this life.
  • Many older people have gravity that it is terrible to approach them. For some reason we are afraid to laugh with all the heart once again, to be glad, and to have fun.

older people

  • You should not give great value to acts of other people even if they are not pleasant to you at all. For certain, you will regret about spent time and forces for this useless action.
  • All people have some special talent. Many of us with great success bury it, do not develop or do not use. What a pity!
  • Life is coming to an end, and we have not gone where we wanted, did not travel, have not seen the world enough, have not got acquainted with foreign traditions and so on. Life has passed in a narrow frame of our backyard.
  • Usually we belittle our advantages and underestimate personal qualities. All the time it seems that someone other is better than we are. And in our young life we have not made a lot of things that we wanted and planned.
  • At some point, we give up, being overweight with burden of circumstances. We lower hands, and we allow these circumstances to take ourselves under control. But it was possible to risk having young blood, which is not true anymore while being old.

young blood

  • Someone suffers from excessive fetish, is fond of all material and attaches special significance to fashionable things. As fashion constantly offers something new, people try to catch up with it. Many of them simply forget about spiritual life. Looking after on many collected things, ask yourself, whether they bring warmth in your heart now? Do you see these things with you in the happiest moment of your life? Get rid of them, if don’t.
  • The fear holds down our body, our life and our actions. We are afraid of very many things. And what we actually were afraid of? Will you remember it when old. Old will simply regret that didn’t do something you could?
  • We wanted to tell something, but haven’t told. Why? Does our fear matter now, after all these years?

Advice that will suit everyone is not to be afraid to express your feelings. It will help you stay young forever and not to regret about anything when you will become older men or older women!

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