Can you name Nigerian state with the most handsome guys?

Where do the most handsome guys in Nigeria live? Which state has the biggest concentration of them? Check our list of top 10 states with the most handsome Nigerian guys!


It is not true that beauty counts only for women.  It is also important for men. At least, among ladies, guys are judged and admired for how sexy and handsome they look. Nigeria is the hub of talented males. Here personality and mental grooming are what are considered in assessing the hotness level of our men. Still, we look out for certain physical traits and healthy habits, some of which are derived from genetics.

So here are the list of top 10 states in Nigeria. Here you’ll find the hottest guys. Ladies, it’s time to start packing your bags, if you are not there already.

1.Ogun State


The men who live in this state are talented, handsome and business oriented. A typical example is D’banj. He is very fashionable, wealthy and has definitely appeared in many a Nigerian girl’s fantasies.

2.Anambra state


It is impossible to determine the age of Anambra men. They are simply ageless. They have the whole package, and if it is money you want, they have it too!

3. Katsina State


There is the highest concentration of Fulani men in this state.  Katsina possesses slim hot guys who even in their old age look strong and agile.

4. Lagos state


This state is thought to be the centre of excellence bags of awesome, classy and handsome men from different backgrounds. Men of Lagos origin have special characters that stand them out. Here is a very good example – Singer Banky W.

5. Benue state

most handsome

The guys from this state are well- known women pleasers if you need one. They are very handsome. 

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6. Ekiti state

most handsome

Arguably, this state has churned out some of the most educated men in the country. And the true beauty they have is what they possess in their head, and heart, of course.

7. Abia state

most handsome

Abia guys are extremely fashionable. They are always ‘clean’,  fresh and good looking!

8. Cross River state

most handsome

The men here are head turners any day, any time, with their boyish looks and charming ways.

9. Enugu state

most handsome

Men here are tall and fair-skinned. They are also handsome and well-spoken.

10. Delta state

most handsome

 Delta state men are one of the nicest in the country. Fair or dark-skinned, they keep their game up with good grooming.

What do you think about this list? If you are the hottest guy, but your state is not included here, tell us in comments.

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