Cristiano Ronaldo cars: what are his hottest wheels? (Photos)

What are the hottest cars in Cristiano Ronaldo’s garage? Get the photos now.

Cristiano Ronaldo cars

This footballer is hot and he drives hottest wheels ever. Take a look at the list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s cars.

5 top cars of the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo:

 1. Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

This car is classic and elegant. And it is expensive. The footballer paid over $400 00 for it. And the quality of the vehicle is exceptional.

Cristiano Ronaldo

2. Ferrari 599 GTO 2011

This car is hot, classic and cool. And it costs over $300 000. Ronaldo could not resist buying one for his garage.


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3. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, 2012

It’s a birthday present we all dream about! And a costly one, too. Ronaldo paid over $500 000 for this set of wheels. It’s a used car now, but surely if he decides to sell it, he would get more for a used one than for a new. Owning a car of the famous footballer is the dream for many.


4. Koenigsegg CCX 11, 2009

The price tag on this beauty is $400 000. It was spotted in Cristiano Ronaldo’s garage and the sports car perfectly fits his hot temper and looks.

Cristiano Ronaldo cars 2016

5. Bugatti Veyron

This car is hard to resist, once you see it. And among the 5 it is the most expensive set of wheels! The price paid for it by Ronaldo was $800 000+!

Cristiano Ronaldo 2016

This collection is costly and hot, but why not have one, if you can?! We know one thing for sure: Cristiano Ronaldo has a great taste in cars!

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