Did God create Evil? What for?

Did God create Evil? If He is the Creator of everything in this world, why did He create evil? What is the reason behind it? Keep reading to learn the answer.

Why did God create evil

When observing the beauty of the world we live in, we definitely come to a conclusion that it could not just appear from nowhere. There must be a Wonderful Creator behind it all. And there is. This is the God Bible teaches about. He is the One who created the heaven and the earth and everything on it.

However, you might ask that if He created EVERYTHING, is He the one who also created evil? We know that the Bible teaches that “God is good”, and that everything good we know comes from Him. Nevertheless, the Bible also has a verse saying: “I am Jehovah, and there is none else; besides me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known me; that they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none besides me: I am Jehovah, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I am Jehovah, who does all these things” (Isa. 45:5-7).

Why did God create evil world

The verse seems to answer your question; still let’s take some time to explore the foundations standing behind this verse.

First of all, let’s look into the historical context of this passage. Historical context is what we use to understand what certain words meant to certain people. If you are not aware of what situation was like around the time of speaking, you can misjudge the passage.

Therefore, the historical context was that God was teaching people that He is a sovereign God above all the nations. After warning His people for so many times about not following Him and following false gods instead, God decided that it was time to punish them as a father punishes his children to make them learn a lesson. His way of teaching wayward Hebrews was by sending them into captivity in Babylon.

Why did God create evil in the world

Later after they learnt their lesson, He took them back to the Promised Land. This, however, did not help them, and they turned their backs at the Lord. After waiting and teaching them for a long time, God decided to use a ruler that did not know Him to bring His people to Himself again. This ruler was Persian king Cyrus.

Thus, the passage mentioned above was referring to this historical context. What did it mean then? It meant that God will use evil people to achieve Hid divine purposes. It does not mean that He had evil goals. And I know that from the other parts of the Bible.

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The Bible does not contradict itself. And here is what it says about God: “his ways are just”, “He is faithful to those who are without iniquity”, “He is always right” (Dt. 32:4)

evil pain

Why did He create evil then? The Bible is a unique book the abstracts from which cannot be taken out of its context. As a linguist, I can state that words are always flexible and can mean different things in different contexts. For instance, the word “God” in one context can mean the Creator of everything in this world, the Lord of the whole Universe. However, in a different context this word can be used to express the meaning of a false idol that people make to worship. Thus, you see that words are flexible, so take that into account.

 Looking into the meaning of the word “evil”, we can see what the passage “I make peace, and create evil” really meant. God is not responsible for people making evil choices. What He meant in this verse, is that He would use and evil man and his sinful desires to fulfil the act of punishment over His people, Hebrews.

God created a man in His own image. A man in the Eden Garden was offered to be able to choose moral values for himself. And we know what he chose – evil. Now as we see wars, catastrophes and diseases spreading, we often ask why God lets this all happen. He could have just not let it happen; however, as a sign of His love to a man, He gives us free will and it is us who is responsible for our choices.

pain sufferings

God in His sovereignty knows our every choice, but it does not change the fact that He lets us make our choices. People, who seek Him with all their heart, will be given enough strength to stay away from evil and sin. Those who do not seek God, will keep sinning and making choices that would lead to even more pain and disruption.

So this question needs more insight in the general context before making any judgements. Otherwise, you will be stuck with answers that contradict the Truth. God does no evil; He is the only One who has no problems with choosing to do the right thing. We are weak and sinful, and so make ill choices that hurt other people and make us suffer. However, it is us who are responsible for these choices.

Watch this video to learn one more perspective on why evil exists. In case you did not find the answer, you can also watch the video by John Piper “Did God Create Evil?”

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