Did Nicki Minaj fake butt really explode on stage?

Nicki Minaj is a popular singer, rapper, author and actress. Sometimes the problems occur with celebrities. Read more to know the fact.

nicki minaj

Rap superstar Nicki Minaj suffered what is heard to be a “butt injury” during her performance on Tuesday Night’s FASHION ROCKS concert.

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Nicki Minaj concert

Nicki Minaj has always denied doing any plastic surgery even though it’s obvious that she’s had her breasts augmented.

While performing the picture clearly showed Nicki’s butt implants while sitting on the chair.

nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj costume and clothing

Her legs and fake butt don’t quite connect, and it does not look healthy. Her butt is on another level. It looked as if she was on the second floor and her butt would be in the first!

Sure many stars use butt implants and plastic surgery, but this thing does not look right and denying having surgery that seems like this is even more stupid than having it!

The MTO snitch was not clear on exactly what happened but said that her butt might have “ruptured.”

nicki minaj

Shocking comments

She hurt her fake butt when she stretched out. They were like they heard a pop. Since Nicki’s butt is fake, everyone thought her fake butt might have burst. 

The medical staff was silent about the exact nature of Nicki’s injuries. The injury didn’t appear to be too serious as Nicki was able to walk out by herself but it was told that she did visit a doctor for an evaluation. Not even sure now what to call this thing hanging above her leg because it sure is not a butt.

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