Do actors really kiss?

People are wondering ‘do actors really kiss’. Do they want it? Why don’t they like doing these scenes in the movies? You’ll find all the answers in this article right now.

do actors really kiss

Imagine this situation. You get the coveted role. Being ecstatic, you eagerly read the script and find an important scene with a kiss in it. Your enthusiasm immediately decreases, and you start to get nervous... Do actors really French kiss in movies? Inexperienced actors are often lost, facing the need to kiss someone on screen. In this article you will find a couple of useful tips that experts give in order to help the actors to kiss smoothly and painlessly. You can learn all the secrets of the romantic episodes and the answer to the question ‘do actors really kiss’. Imagine that you are an actor.

1. Everything should be negotiated in advance

kissing in a movie

There are three people with whom you definitely need to talk before you make your first attempt to the ‘screen’ kiss. The first and the most important person is the director. First of all, you need to figure out what he wants from that kiss, and what kind of the atmosphere will be on the scene. It should be soft and romantic kiss or some rough, but passionate? Make sure that you have correctly understood everything.

Also very important thing is the early conversation with your partner of a piquant scene.

kissing in a film

You see, a kiss with a stranger is an awkward thing. But it will be even worse, if you happen to come across with the noses, for example. Still, it is better to discuss in advance what, and how. Besides talking, you at least a little, get acquainted. And if you make friends, it is very good: the awkwardness with a kiss will disappear by itself.

And finally, do not forget to talk about the upcoming kiss with the man who does not care who you kiss. Hope that your beloved one will react to the costs of the acting profession with understanding, and will not make a scene of jealousy with broken crockery. Try to explain everything.

2. Let it be nice and safe

kiss in a movie

Kissing on the set has always on the first place the hygiene. Of course, being in love, tormented passion can help people close their eyes to everything. At least wash up. Bad breath - this is the worst thing that can happen in these situations. Take the appropriate action. By taking action, you should understand a complete cleaning of the teeth, all kinds of fresheners or fabric softener, because your goal is a perfectly clean mouth.

However, you do not always have the opportunity to take a toothbrush and toothpaste and a few minutes to stand over the sink. Have always a chewing gum. By the way, it will help you, if your partner will not be as cautious and courteous as you are. After all, you can always offer him a gum right before the stage (and pray to God that he will agree).

nice kiss in a movie

Drink plenty of water immediately before the shooting and during all rehearsals and breaks: nobody likes to kiss dry mouth. This advice is particularly important when you consider that you probably will worry, and you’ll dry up your throat. And finally, have some chapstick in your pocket, just in case.

3. The kiss must look as a real one

beautiful kiss in a movie

Experienced actors have a whole arsenal of different techniques that help them look quite convincing on the screen. Try to pick a technique ideally suitable to you and your partner.

Think about your role. What would your character like? Try to get used to the role for real. Wish the same, dream the same, as your hero does. Then kiss on screen will look natural.

It is important for you to like your partner. Try to find something totally unique in him, something that you like. At the same time, try, not to get everything ‘personal’. Take this kiss, like any other aspect of your profession, and just do the trick. Every man has at least a small, but necessarily the highlight, which you should look for. Pay attention to the little things not visible at first sight. You may just fall in love with the manner or, for example, in a strange smile, shining on the face of your colleague whenever he (she) hears the cries of birds outside the window.

beautiful kiss in a film

Believe me, once you find something like that, and the case will become easier. Plan your kiss. Remember that you do it on camera. Talk about the kiss with your partner about the whole process. Agree about when you tilt the head to each other, when you start touching his (her) hair, how long you will continue doing your kiss and so on. It will protect you from a variety of incidents and numerous takes of the scene.

4. Relax

kiss must look as a real one

The best way to deal with a kiss on stage or film set is to find a way to relax. Do not dramatize the situation; let it be like at a party. Try to maintain an unobtrusive atmosphere at rehearsals, good-natured poking fun at other people. Just do not overdo it: in the working atmosphere the clowns are not needed. Still, do not be too serious. It's great to interfere with work.

Learn your partner better. Tell about yourself, about your family, ask him (her) to do the same. The closer you are, the easier it will be to you as a result to have the on-screen kiss. It would not be the tension as between the complete strangers. You should be comfortable to stay close to your partner. But remember: you need it only for work. Do not try to climb too deeply into the soul of your partner. You will only hurt it.

movie kiss

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Sometimes because of the excitement you may feel difficult to breathe. This is normal. Select a time when nobody is watching you, and inhale-exhale deeply a couple of times. Relax your shoulders, close your eyes - you'll feel better.

Forget about all the spectators and cameras. Imagine that the world is only in your character, and the character of your partner, and the most important thing in the world is your kiss.

5. There are some things that should be avoided

kiss a lover

Never use your tongue.  You could already hear this question ‘do actors really kiss with tongue’. No, they don’t. You may create the illusion of a passionate kiss, using only lips. And that’s it. By the way, the lips should be clean. Before the kiss it is not necessary to apply any substance, such as medical ointments on them. It can be harmful to your partner, and in general, it is not very pleasant to kiss someone with dirty lips. However, if the script heroine must with make up on the lips, you can ask the advice of stylists on how to do everything in a right way.

The worst thing that can happen to you: you can pass your partner the sores and ailments. If you happen to get sick on the set, take the treatment in order to cure everything before the direct contact with a partner, otherwise you risk disrupting your shooting and get a bad reputation.

kissing a guy

Never try to kiss a partner before the rehearsals. But there is a certain ‘minimum’ of getting acquainted with a man, which, by all means, must be achieved.

Do not lose your head: do not fall in love with a partner. Yes, sometimes there are happy occasions of ‘office affairs’, but most people break up immediately after the shooting. Actors often fall in love with the characters of the partners, not the people themselves. They invent the illusion of true love full of romance and passion. If you still would seem that your case is an exception, then try not to do anything, at least until the end of filming. You know that love greatly hinders the work.

But there are a few actors, who have achieved the best results in ‘kissing’ scenes. Check up their names below.

9 actors, who kiss the best on stage

kiss the best on stage

Such is the work of actresses: now and then they have to kiss with all sorts of handsome heroes and lovers on the set. Anne Hathaway once complained that the partners often strive to kiss her in more intimate way than they need for the shooting. ‘I have a trick: I clench my teeth, and they eventually manage to just lick them or my gum’, - confessed the beauty. But there are not so many prudes like Anne in Hollywood. More often, the actresses say that a lot of on-screen characters-lovers are the real aces of gentle sensual kisses and shooting them is a dizzying pleasure. Here are some of the actors, which are considered to be the experts of kissing.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

When a lady was asked about whether Shia is good kisser, Megan Fox, his partner in the film ‘Transformers’, once said: ‘He's very good!’

However, it turns out that shooting a scene with a kiss for the movie ‘Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen’, took no less than five doubles, and the shooting lasted for almost the whole day. The guys had a good time at work!

James McAvoy

James McAvoy

Keira Knightley claimed that kissing in front of the camera with James was not with like anyone other. They were playing lovers in the film ‘Atonement’. At the very same time, McAvoy, by the way, had other impressions. When he was asked about kissing Angelina Jolie on the set of ‘Wanted’, he said, ‘I remember everything well, because of how uncomfortable it was. It was the first day of filming, and we just met, it was like ‘Hi, how are you? All right?’ – ‘Action!’. All these scenes are always strange to play. I still cannot forget the sex scenes with Keira Knightley in ‘Atonement’. In fact, in such moments, you think more about that you do not have bad breath after lunch’.

Well, if he is a good kisser, even when he is confused, you can imagine what happens when James feels relaxed...

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Actress Anna Friel with which Will played in the movie ‘Lost World’, said: ‘You do not expect this from him, but he is very, very good kisser. So if anyone needs a good kiss on screen, they should call Will’.

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner

Singer Taylor Swift named handsome Taylor Lautner’s kissing ‘life changing’. The first thing that the two named Taylor made when they met on the set of the movie ‘Valentine's Day’ was staring to kiss. At the premiere of the comedy the film director, Gary Marshall said he always begins with kissing scenes.

‘Their first three kisses were very nice, - said Marshall. - By the fourth I began to think that they are good together. I do not know what the hell happened, but somehow it seemed between the fifth and the sixth time that they dated’.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale have claimed that this handsome man is very skilled when it comes to kissing.

Robert Pattison

Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart does not apply to the relationship with Robert. But Christina Ricci has had time to assess the ability of Rob when they starred in the film ‘Bel Ami’, and she did not hide his excitement.

‘He was very cute, funny and a very good kisser’ - Ricci said.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

‘Johnny Depp is a very nice guy’ - Marion Cotillard talked about filming the movie ‘Johnny D’. – ‘I was very nervous before shooting the scene, but Johnny reassured me and he was quite surprising kind and considerate. Well, in addition, he is just great kisser!’

This is not the first such recognition, which Johnny gets from his partners. According to the rumors, Keira Knightley begged the director of the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest’, insert at least one scene in which she is able to kiss the handsome actor. ‘I'm glad I’ve got it, - she said later. - It was good. Really good’.

Tom Cruise

Austin Powers International Man

Gwyneth Paltrow was asked, with whom of the partners in the 20-year career, she had the most pleasant kiss. Paltrow, without hesitation, replied, ‘It was with Tom Cruise! In this sense he is amazing!’

For more than 100 years of the movie industry people kiss. No happy ending is impossible without a more or less passionate osculation. For the actors kissing in front of the camera is not always as exciting as they look on the screen.

On the 6th of July our planet celebrates one of the most enjoyable holidays - International Kissing Day. However, it is pleasant only if it’s a voluntarily kiss. But the actors are servile people that do not always get the pleasure of kissing process. They may not like the partner or even hate him or her. But it is their work and they must be professionals.

legendary kiss

In most cases kissing on the stage is considered as very difficult thing. Most of the actors are nervous and feel awkward. Dozens of technicians, merciless floodlights are arranged around kissing couple; there are a lot of microphones and cameras. What kind of romance is it? The kiss also cannot be real as there are a lot of rehearsals and shooting that may last long hours and even days. If it looks like real on the screen, be sure it’s only because of the great work of the talented actors!

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