Do male twins live longer?

The secret why twins live longer is revealed by the scientists!

male twins live longer?

Twins are fascinating. These people are never alone from the first moments of their conception. Besides have the alter ego, these people, and especially the male twins have another advantage – they live longer! Learn why.

Why do male twins live longer?

Scientists are eager to study twins, as they provide an excellent opportunity to see the impacts of read n environmental conditions on them. The surprising fact they have discovered is the link between twins and longevity.

Life expectancy of such people is higher than of the regular ones. Why do they live longer? Because they have tighter social connections. This especially affects the men, because in common life married men (the ones with tighter social connections) live longer and healthier lives than single or divorced males. However, having a twin means you no longer depend so much on a wife to add you years of life.

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 twins live longer?

The twin caters to that inner need of connection and support and improves the life conditions of twins. Males benefit the most from being twins in their forties. It gives you 6 percent of advantage over other people to avoid early death and live longer.

Surely we cannot choose to be born as a twin. However, the results of this research shows that marriage is not something outdated. This institution was created by God to provide the support we need in life to be happy, healthy and attain longevity.

These results show us that when we invest in social bonds, we invest in our own health and extra years of life!

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