Do not miss the super Moon this month! We can see it once in decades

When would we see the largest Moon ever? The super Moon is going to show up on… well, read the article.

super moon

Moon can look awesome and even huge. But this time we will see something very special! Learn what it is and when it is going to happen.

What is a super Moon?

This is simply when you see the full Moon, but this time it comes the closest to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. And it certainly looks bigger than the usual Moon. It means that the distance from the Moon to the Earth can vary and ranges between 357,000 kilometers and 406,000 km.

When the Moon comes the closest, it is called the super Moon. And it can create havoc on Earth by the increased gravity impact.

what is supermoon

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When would we see the extra super Moon?

is this the super moon

It’s almost there! On November 16, 2016 we would see the largest of them all. Such a thing has not happened for over 70 years! How big would it be? Some 30 percent larger than the usual full Moon.

The next one would come only in 2034. It would be a long time to wait. So, mark the date in your calendar. It’s Monday (Moon day) and enjoy! Hopefully this giant Moon won’t create havoc in your region!

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