Does disvirgining hurt?

Virginity of a girl is based on an intact hymen which has not been touched or damaged. Is the process painful? Read the article to know the answer.

disvirgining hurt?

Everything in our life happens for the first time. And not in the same way but different ways for different people. This rule applies to first sex. What emotions will cause the first contact mostly depends on the subsequent attitude of the girls not only to sex but n in general.

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The first time is hampered by fear, caused by ignorance of a virgin and waiting for the pain. In the head one after the other, questions arise: how to avoid pain, which sexual positions for virgins do to protect themselves?


Does disvirgining a girl hurt?

This is significant for every girl it is necessary to observe several conditions.

Deciding to lose the virginity do not drink too much alcohol let's say one glass of wine or champagne (exclusively for relaxation).

Prepare in advance a place for a meeting, the required attributes of the bed, and a bath.

The area where you are planning to lose the virginity should be such that no one interrupting at the crucial moment.

To painlessly lose the virginity stock up on condoms. Safe sex is not only protection from unwanted pregnancy but also from diseases that are transmitted sexually.


Get ready when losing your virginity is a special grease, as it may be dryness in the vagina.

Remind your partner (if he is rushing things) about foreplay: kissing, touching breasts, original games, the irritation of the clitoris. Foreplay virgin will help her to feel sexual arousal, moisten the vagina's natural lubricant to facilitate the entry of the phallus and in the end – to reduce the pain and almost painless to lose their virginity.

Is it possible to lose virginity painlessly?

Does the disvirginizing hurt? How to painlessly lose their virginity? Is it possible? Of course, yes. Not all women experience extreme discomfort because it is not necessary to dwell on the fear that is sure to be painful.

The inevitable pain of breaking the hymen, but it is very short and weak. It can be compared with the prick of a needle. But why did the friend talk about the pain? Lying? No, no, no. Pain in sex virgin arises from the fact that it compresses from the unusual sensations of the muscles of the vagina, prevents the penis and makes herself sicker. Obviously, the stronger the relaxation, the less discomfort when going to lose their virginity.


To fully relax, you need to trust the partner that needs to move slowly, literally inch by inch, from lips to legs, then back, using all the tricks of oral sex. And traditional contact to leave for a snack, when she is no longer able to tolerate the increased desire. Blood at the first contact is not much, and may not be: it happens in 10% of virgins.

In what position, you can painlessly lose the virginity?

Some sex positions for virgins are better than others. They do physical and psychological condition of the girl more comfortable or relaxed.

Missionary position is a classic to lose virginity without pain: the partner is a virgin bottom, partner on top.


The pose doggie-style is also suitable to painlessly lose their virginity: the girl is on all fours, the guy behind her. He has not penetrated so deeply, to raise the loins above and do not bend the arms. Not everyone will choose for the first sex this animal position.

The pose of the rider: he lies on his back, she sits on his penis. Here it is possible to get on a phallus of a loved one.

The spoon: partner lay on side, the partner is also on his side behind her. Then you need to bend a little and lift the upper leg with the penetration of men into the fold.


Use the suggested sex positions for virgins – this will help you. And if you have the slightest pain push forward the whole pelvis. This will reduce soreness tear the hymen. If you follow these tips, it is possible to pass the threshold of intimate life with almost no pain.

How to ease the disvirginizing hurt?

There are ways to alleviate the pain you may feel during the first location. The most important thing is foreplay. Foreplay will also help you to get used to the body and touch partner.

If you relax, it also contributes to reducing the pain. On the one hand, the idea may seem counterintuitive: how can we rest if what is happening now focuses all your attention?!


Think about it: when you are afraid of what will happen, your body tenses, and it means that the penetration will be more difficult. The more relaxed you are, the better. Try it, but if you get scared, it is better to stay and do next time.

Be happy!

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