Does the "blank" Sun mean the arrival of an Ice Age?

What do you know about the "blank" Sun? What does it mean? Is it coming of an Ice Age?

ice age arrival

What will happen with people on a new ice age arrival? The blank Sun, does it mean a new ice age arrival? One of the first Ice Ages killed the most powerful creatures in our history. Dinosaurs were masters of the Earth, but either cold or the meteor stopped their reign in our realm. We do have technologies to overcome potential cold winters. Nevertheless, the blank Sun troubles many scientists around the world as it`s the first time in ten thousand years. Therefore, is it possible to say that “Winter is coming.” Only in our reality, it comes not from the North, but from the space and our main source of light – The Sun.

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According to Australian scientist, The Sun has gone black for times this year. It can mean the arrival of Ice Age. The analysis is based on the Solar surface activity, which provides no activity for the whole year. The normal situation for our star is a locking face with sunspots. According to the science journals, The Sun exhibits the lowest activity rate in 10 000 years, and it keeps slowing. The forecasters have also predicted that it will be  spotless suns. Today the blanks on the Sun are measured in days. Later it will be in weeks and then in months.

ice age arrival

It was the first sun blank in 2016. The famous meteorologist, Paul Dorian, forecasts ice age. He says that the decline of sun activity is similar to the activity in the Ice Age periods. According to the history, the prolonged periods with sun blanks can only provide a cooling impact on the temperature on the global scale. It will affect all layers of atmosphere of the Earth. The Warning Solar Storm comes few days. It will provide some problems with disrupting technologies, like mobile phones and laptops.

Winter is coming

Therefore, it`s not certain that the Blank Sun means the arrival of a new Ice Age, but constant blanks of the Sun may provide some cooling of the global climate.

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