Does wifi cause cancer?

Wi-Fi and gadgets became the main part of our life. But such friends aren’t safe for our health and for environment. It is proved that Wi-Fi causes cancer cells. To learn more about it, read the article below.

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The application of Wi-Fi leads to cancer – study

Scientists will continue research to come to a consensus about how dangerous new-fangled gadgets for each of us are.

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With the development of modern technology, experts are increasingly asking the question how this new development is safe for humans. So recent studies have shown that mobile gadgets and the frequent use of Wi-Fi appear negatively on the human condition. Namely, it violates the metabolic processes of the body, and causes the development of cancer cells in a healthy person, according to scientists from American universities.

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Excepting the possibility of negative impact on human new gadgets, mobile devices the whole external environment also suffer. For example, scientists have proved that under the influence of weather conditions, namely cell towers, which emit electromagnetic radiation, the bark begins to slip from the trees.

Also, the radiation that emanates from the radiation dosage for Wi-Fi and smartphones becomes a cause of neurodegenerative diseases and formation of cancer cells. Also the fact that electromagnetic radiation appears irritation in your skin and headaches, fatigue is not new. And there is a devastating effect, as brought experts thus Wi-Fi routers and smartphones send radiation, which creates a reaction in the body that generates reactive oxygen. After that living cells begin to oxidize, and that creates the risk of formation of malignant tumors. What are the problems and diseases arise from the use of mobile phones, the Internet resources?

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Frequent use of mobile phone and laptop can cause infertility, especially in men. Radiation by electromagnetic rays from mobile phones to people begins to break down the activity of the brain (proven by scientists of the National Institute of health). Any mobile communications raise dangerous dependence of a person (shown by studies conducted in US universities). Impaired immune, cardiovascular and endocrine systems of the human body, sleep. The use of mobile affects the sensitivity and concentration and improves the sensitivity to EMF.

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The symptoms that most often occur in people with increased hypersensitivity: damage of the nervous system (tension); skin rashes; body (sore muscles); eye (fatigue, conjunctivitis). Scientists will continue research to come to a consensus about how dangerous new-fangled gadgets for each of us and the planet as a whole are.

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