Effects of caffeine on the body: Benefits and Harm

People are wondering whether it is safe to drink coffee. Is there any side effect of caffeine? Why should you read this important information not to harm your health? Find out now!

Effect of caffeine

Caffeine (other names mateine, theine, guaranine) is an alkaloid of the purine series. In nature, it is found in tea leaves, in parts of the coffee tree, cocoa tree, yerba mate, guarana, cola and some other plants. Effect of caffeine is well-known all over the world.

Plants produce caffeine in order to be protected from harmful insect pests that eat plants, including fallen leaves. Pure caffeine is a colorless, bitter-tasting crystals.

cups of coffee

Person uses natural caffeine beverage composition or as part of a synthesized drugs. One cup of natural coffee contains from 100 to 200 mg of caffeine, in the tea cup - from 30 to 70 mg, in glass of Coke and Pepsi – up to 45 mg.

In certain doses the caffeine stimulates the processes of excitation in the cerebral cortex. Small doses of caffeine help fight drowsiness, relieve fatigue, stimulate, increase physical and mental activity. High doses of caffeine can lead to depletion of neural cells.

natural caffeine beverage

Every person has individual reactions to caffeine. One person after sufficient minimum dose can feel uncomfortable; the other can drink several cups of coffee in a row without negative feelings, any side effect of caffeine.

The degree of influence of caffeine on the human body depends on many factors: age, type of higher nervous activity, health status. Young people having a cup of coffee do not usually have high blood pressure; however in the elderly even a small dose of caffeine can trigger a jump of blood pressure.

cup of coffee with vanila

Such effects on individual body created a lot of disputes in relation to caffeine, even in the medical sphere. Doctors have not come to a consensus on the effects of caffeine on the human body. Caffeine - it's evil, or a useful product? Let’s try to understand.

Caffeine and cardiovascular system

Caffeine and cardiovascular system

Most disputes arise about the effect of caffeine on heart and blood vessels. It was found that caffeine can cause short-term increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. Such influence has given rise to a ban on the use of caffeine-containing beverages by persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases. For many years, people with high blood pressure and cores could not have even a cup of coffee, because they were afraid of a heart attack.

However, at the beginning of this century, some studies were carried out, according to which caffeine caused a transient increase in pressure in people who did not drink coffee. Those who violated the prohibitions of doctors and drank a couple of cups of coffee a day, almost did not react to the change in pressure intravenous injection of pure caffeine.

pure caffeine

Long-term studies have shown that caffeine can cause a slight increase in the pressure, but it does not affect the development of hypertension. Moreover, those who drink a little coffee, actually train their cardiovascular system, accustomed to the pressure fluctuations, thereby protecting themselves from premature strokes.

Even more thorough study of American scientists showed more caffeine effect on the occurrence of coronary heart disease. Over thirty years doctors had watched a group of women of various ages and found no relationship between the number of drunk coffee and the incidence of coronary heart disease. Those women who did not drink coffee, suffered from coronary heart disease as often as lovers of coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

Caffeine and cancer

 injection of pure caffeine

More recently, caffeine has been accused in the fact that it is able to cause cancer of the stomach, pancreas and intestines various departments. Research, which was conducted around the world, however, did not reveal any connection between caffeine and cancer.

For example, Sweden doctors were looking for the relationship between the occurrence of breast cancer and the frequency of drinking coffee. According to the statistics, there are the highest sales of coffee and coffee drinks in Sweden, but the incidence of breast cancers is one of the lowest in the world.

Caffeine and cancer

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At the end of the last century the Italians were trying to determine how coffee consumption affected the risk of developing bowel cancer. Direct dependence could not be detected, however, scientists noticed that those who drank more than three cups of coffee per day, less likely suffered from colon cancer. Moreover, anti-carcinogenic properties of caffeine were identified.

Caffeine and central nervous system

Caffeine and central nervous system

The fact is that caffeine acts on the central nervous system as a certain stimulant. But this is not the only property of caffeine. It is one of the best anti-depressants. Coffee lovers are less likely to commit suicide with all things being equal, such as social status, alcohol abuse, marital status, gender. It is better to cope with the work, if workers drink two cups of coffee during the working day, because caffeine stimulates mental activity.

Lovers of coffee and strong tea feel less stress, than those who do not consume caffeine. The caffeine trained nervous system is better adapted to external influences causing stress.

Caffeine and extra weight

Caffeine and extra weight

Caffeine may be the best ally in the fight against excess weight. Caffeine increases blood levels of free fatty acids, causing the body to use the subcutaneous fat as fuel. Two decades ago, the scientists of one of the American universities found that after taking 330 mg of caffeine (the analog of 2-3 cups of coffee) fatty acid blood in plasma increased twofold.

More efficient fat burning effect of caffeine works in conjunction with aerobic exercise. A person weighing 75 kg burns about 800 calories an hour run, half the fat ‘burns’ due to the oxidation of fats. If a runner takes caffeine as a food additive before jogging, then he burns an additional 200 calories.

 fat burning effect of caffein

Professional athletes take into account some of the properties of caffeine to achieve the best results. Caffeine increases aerobic capacity, improves muscle functionality, since it helps to get more intensive reduction. Before the reduction muscles release the calcium ions, caffeine promotes better calcium permeability. Spur caffeine muscles can work with the same performance but ‘at a lower cost’.

Similarly, caffeine acts on the diaphragm - the athlete, stimulated by caffeine, helps better breathing during aerobic exercise. Experienced trainers advise to spur your body with caffeine in times when there is no improvement of the results in the amplification of loads - the so-called plateau effect. During training caffeine helps to overcome the plateau and to achieve better results in the future.

Caffeine for men and women

Caffeine for men and women

Caffeine is a great stimulant for sexual life. In men, a small dose of caffeine improves potency and spermatogenesis. Women over fifty years, who daily drink a cup of coffee, have a good chance to extend their sexual activity. These delicate properties of caffeine due to the fact that it is exciting the nervous system, sharpens the senses, thereby stimulates the desire.

The usefulness of caffeine is affected by the way of its intake. The quickest and most effective is pure caffeine. So it is easier to dose, but pure caffeine is addictive. The best source of caffeine to the body is the drinks: coffee and tea. Coke is also a source of caffeine, but in addition to this component, sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar and chemical compounds able to neutralize the beneficial effect of natural caffeine on organism.

What do manufacturers say about caffeine?

manufacturers say about caffeine

Caffeine is a drug that belongs to the family of xanthine. And, like any drug, can cause addiction. Doctors have identified such a term - Coffeemania. It's not an addiction in the medical sense, but it has a serious connection with all the problems inherent in any addiction, in particular, a painful condition in the absence of caffeine. This condition is experienced by many coffee lovers prior to their first cup of coffee in the morning: everything is annoying, life seems gray and morning is not good at all.

Excessive consumption of coffee has negative consequences, including the cardiovascular system, as a permanent artificial increased in fatty acids in the blood becomes a serious prerequisite of heart attack, especially in the elderly and those who suffer from obesity.

fans of coffee

Caffeine causes irritation of the gastric mucosa. In order to reduce the harmful effects on the mucous nutritionists, doctors recommend drinking coffee with milk or cream. However, we must remember that the addition of cream significantly increases calorie beverage.

Definitely there is a negative effect of caffeine on the fetus in the womb of the future mother. On the one hand, caffeine causes an increase in blood pressure, worsening maternal health. However, caffeine is able to change the DNA of the cell protoplasm. Therefore, doctors advise pregnant women to abstain from coffee during pregnancy.

coffee during pregnancy

There is evidence that caffeine intake is penalized for a number of trace elements, this mostly applies to calcium. Abusing caffeine can create the effect of calcium ‘washing out’ with all its consequences, the most visible and safe ones of which are brittle or weak nails.

Lethal dose of caffeine for the human body is 10 grams. This amount contains in about 70 cups of coffee. A lot of people, especially in countries with traditional culture of drinking coffee, drink a tenth of a lethal dose every day!

Lethal dose of caffeine

Caffeine is like a coin, it also has two sides. Largely it depends on the person, which side will turn. You have real chance to feel the only bright side of it due to the clever consuming of caffeine in the form of natural drinks. But you should also know its side effects, in order not to harm your own health.


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