Female Body Parts Men Love

Which female body parts do men love the most? Which female body parts do men prefer in a first place? Read more to find out!

Female body parts

The great truth about a man is that they love through their eyes. Also, no matter who is the sexiest woman in the world, all men love variety. Still, do not suppose that they are animals that see the sex in every girl, it`s a mechanism created by nature to seek many partners for a possible continuance of the family. That is the reason why men are so aggressive in choosing a woman and on the other side, all women are choosy about a future life partner. If a girl desires to achieve man`s attention they need to concentrate on enhancing the female body parts that are in favor for man.

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In this top, it`s presented the female body parts men like


Feet men love

It might not be the first thing in your mind if someone asks you: “What female body parts men like?”. Nevertheless, according to researches, feet are in the list of the favorite female body part for 5% of men. That`s why it may be given some piece of advice for a girl – keep your feet clean and sexy.


Stomach men adore

If girls tend to like a man with six pack ABS, men prefer this part of the body in every woman. It depends on culture what shape of the belly is rated as sexy. For East cultures, it`s preferred to have a little belly, which is entirely appropriate for belly-dance. While West men prefer flat abdomen girls.


Back men like

According to Japanese tradition, a woman in the cloth with open back usually was a prostitute. It was irresistible for a middle age samurai not to have an opportunity from this girl. In the modern era, an open back is an absolute sexual provocation for men.


Smile men can`t resist

A smile is a magnet for a man. Supposedly, women smile to a person who makes them happy. That`s why if a girl smiles at a man she subconsciously gives him messages that he makes her happy which increase man`s sexual desire and libido.


Hair men like

That`s the female body part inherited from our ancestors. Men can not only be attracted by the size of the breast but also by a color of hair. Not all man like blonds but according to many surveys, the blondes have the most attention. It still understandable that all men are different in their preferences.


Hips men adore

Excellent tactically moving hips may drive crazy any man. It`s a gift of nature for women, so it`s just one little sway of hips may change man`s choice of a preferred female.


Adorable Lips

There is no surprise that many girls desire to have the lips of Angelina Jolie, as they managed to drive crazy the sex symbol of Hollywood.   A simple kiss in the way of a man may give him a sexual pleasure, and a girl may become a constant traveler in his dreams.


Huge Breast

It`s most obvious female body part that attracts guys. Celebrities spend thousands of Franklins to invest into a size of the breast. It seems that men will never take apart from this part of female body.


Nice Buttocks

According to many surveys, men tend to like the variation of buttocks. Also, what is perfect in this part of female body – it`s quite changeable. You can visit a local GYM, try some new exercises and you will get necessary attention from men.


Adorable Eyes

It`s a mysterious part of a female body that drives crazy every man. In Arab countries, it`s an only weapon of women to attract men. It seems evident that despite the love of variations in breasts, buttocks, hair color, almost every man can be a victim of a sexy glance.




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