Google Maps' creepiest street views: What the hell is going on?

Where were the scariest photos of Google maps took? What are the funniest pictures made by Google? Read the article to learn the strangest things on our planet.

Google maps

On Google maps street view anyone can look at the digitized panoramas of many streets of many cities of the world. As a rule, many of us use panoramas on Google maps to see the district before a trip to the unfamiliar places. But besides roads and buildings, there is still a set of interesting things on similar panoramas.

We offer you the most unusual street view and pictures of Google Maps route collected from around the world. Unfortunately, it is impossible to understand whether people on pictures, knowing that in their area there is a digital shooting of panoramas for Google Maps, arrange certain actions specially or not.

  • Baker Lake, the territory of Inuits in Northern Canada. The person called Doctor Boylan considers that the darkened zone in this picture and in some other locations hides extraterrestrial beacons of aliens.

Google maps street view

  • The person, who found this photo, right there has sent a picture to police with the message that there was a bloody murder on the lake. The police officers who have arrived to crime scene have found watermarks on the bridge, which were left by a wet dog.

Google maps street view 1

  • Military and air Rammstein base, Germany. This air base of NATO is a starting point for forces of operation the Iraqi freedom, and for this reason, it can be the purpose for terrorist attacks. It can explain why this object is cut out partially from Google Maps.

Google maps street view 2

  • Pacific Northwest, USA. What do we don't see in this photo? This place is near border of states Washington and Oregon. Enthusiasts personally surveyed this place and haven't found anything remarkable, except ominous fence and not-marked entrance.

Google maps street view 3

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  • Everyone wants to receive the answer: who hides behind a name of Stig, who tests cars in TopGear broadcasts. Unfortunately, Google map can't answer this question, but pictures from panoramas of streets of many cities speak about surprising. Stig is everywhere.

Google maps street view 4

  • Oil refinery, Hungary. It is one of the strangest models of censorship in Google Maps – this place is just painted over with green. The territory of plant is removed, buildings are erased, and everything that you can see is a usual grass.

Google maps street view 6

  • Unknown zone, Russia. Nobody knows what is disappeared in this region. One of opinions is that there is a radar station or system of interception of rockets, and some people claim that the picture of a surrounding zone is inserted from other region of Russia.

Google maps street view 6

  • People in Pittsburgh really know what to do when Google car passes down the street.

Google maps street view 7

  • North Korea. Everyone heard about this country, but there are few people who ever visited it. You will also not see it on Google Maps as all country exists in pictures, but without road markers, names of streets or any other identifying details.

Google maps street view 8

  • Air base Volkel, Holland. It is quite amusing to observe how this air base in satellite pictures is roughly indistinct, but WikiLeaks has published diplomatic correspondence, which confirms presence of nuclear warheads in the territory of this base.

Google maps street view 9

  • Babylon, Iraq. While the surrounding territory is perfectly seen, the city of Babylon in pictures is washed away. It is possible to argue that it is somehow connected with local insurgents.

Google maps street view 9

  • Those who watch panoramas of roads of Scotland, claim that they often see people lying on the road. Interestingly, what's wrong with these persons?

Google maps street view 10

  • Students on the west of Tokyo thus make a protest to the car of Google, which makes shooting of panoramas of streets of the Japanese city.

Google maps street view 11

  • Pay attention to striped clothes, which are put on strange people who bear person wrapped in a towel in a luggage carrier.

Google maps street view 12

  • The anonymous user claims that this is angel who has got into the shot during return to heaven. But it seems to us that it is just a glitch on Google Maps.

Google maps street view 13

  • This photo has come from far Chile. There were found the trash cans full of the thrown dummies. Terrible show, isn't it?

Google maps street view 14

  • Part of a statue is a good place for photos and formation of the next dreadful dream.

Google Maps route

  • This statue or demon was found on streets of Paris. It inspired fear in visitors of service and Google eventually have washed away the image of the statue.

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