Guinness World Records: Women of which tribe wear the longest hair?

Women of Huangluo Yao in Chine have the longest hair in the world. This village has been included in Guinness World Record. Find out more info about these amazing women.

Women with the longest hair

Huangluo village in China has about 82 households, which are home to Yao ethnic group. It got its name from the traditional dress in red tones. These Chinese women have taken their long hair to new lengths (average hair length of 5.5 feet. The longest locks measure more than 6.8 feet) making a Guinness World Record as the world’s first long hair village.

Tourists` interest

Unusual village attracts many tourists. Like many other Chinese villages, Huangluo has its appeal, by following old traditions. Hair is the most valuable asset for the women of this village. The average hair length is 1.8 m from the local residents. The longest hair of one of the ladies in this village is 2.25 m. And that is why it appeared in the Guinness world records list.

The longest hair

Yao women believe that long hair brings longevity, wealth and good fortune. The longer the hair, the happier they will be. At the same time, marketers suggest that by 2019 the global turnover of shampoo market will have been totaled to $ 26 billion. Therefore, long hair will bring much profit to cosmetic companies.

The role of hair in Yao woman's life

Hair plays an important role in the lives of Yao women. A few years ago they were considered so valuable that no one except a woman`s husband and children was allowed to look at the hair. In summer and autumn, when the women went to the river to wash the hair, they hid the hair under a blue scarf. It was done because only one person may see the hair – the person who would be her husband. A man could not enjoy the beauty of women's hair before the wedding day.

Yao women

If a foreigner or a local resident happened to see a woman with her hair, he was forced to spend three years together in the family of a woman as in-law. But all these traditions were abolished in 1986. From now on, Yao tribe women can proudly display their jet-black hair, without worrying about the consequences.

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Chinese Yao women with the longest hair

Earnings from tourists

Today in this village, which is home to around 400 people, almost every day you can see how the local women singing and dancing for the tourists, showing them their luxurious hair. Similarly, they earn more than $ 350 per month.

The longest hair of Yao women

Ethnic traditions

Representatives of Yao ethnic group can have their hair cut only once in life when they turn 18 years old. Form this time Yao girls have the right to look for a groom. However, they do not throw away the cut hair. A girl`s Grandmother should make of them a special decorative headdress. When a girl gets married, the groom receives the hair as a present. This hair becomes a part of everyday woman`s hairstyle.

Yao women with the longest hair

The everyday hairstyle of every woman consists of three parts.

  • The first is the usual hair.
  • The second is a special headpiece.
  • The third is a hairpiece of fallen hair that every woman painstakingly collects throughout the day. Such hairdos usually say about the social status of the owner.

The social status can be determined by the hairstyle.

social status can be determined by the hairstyle

  • If the hair is simply wrapped around the head, this means that the woman is married, but she does not have children.
  • If the hair is packed at the back, this means that the woman has both husband and children.
  • If the woman covers her head with a handkerchief, thus, she is looking for a groom.

The most surprising fact is that the women of this village do not have gray hair to a ripe old age.

Yao woman without gray hair

Yao women still believe that their long hair brings longevity, wealth and good fortune.

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