Has Nigerian blogger got shot by police?

This young Nigerian blogger was shot on the street by a guy from police. Learn what happened.

Nigerian blogger

We get more sad news. A popular blogger, who shared honest news with people reportedly got shot by a police officer.

What happened to the dead blogger?

His name is Chukwuemeka Isidore, but he was using a pen name of Ghostmode. This young man had a blog online. He died and allegedly was pursued and shot by a guy from police. It seems like he has become a witness of a crime, committed on the street.

 shot by police

His sudden death is a tragedy. He was with a group of friends on the streets and they all smoked. In a wink of an eye they got surrounded by police. Instead of cooperating and figuring things out the man took to his heels.

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One of his friends says that the young man was on a case. He got some information about important people and three days later he gets shot! Did this happen by a chance? No one knows for now.

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