How big is the super yacht? – Learn what the Russian tycoon has built

How big gets the largest super sailing yacht in the world? See what the Russian tycoon has created.

super yacht

For some reason the wealthiest people of this world have engaged in a competition of having the biggest, longest and most expensive things. So, this Russian tycoon has built the hugest sails yacht ever. See how big it gets.

The super yacht of the Russian billionaire:

It’s his number two vessel. The first one cost over 220 million UK pounds. And it’s one of the largest motor yachts out there. However, the new one is a real giant, considering that it actually has sails and masts.

hgue yacht

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Andrey Melnichenko  (Russian tycoon) called the monster Sailing Yacht A. It costs over 260 million UK pounds. And indeed it is a super yacht. In has almost 450 meters in length. Its three masts are 100 meters high. It has 8 decks, but it can take only 20 guests! Just imagine that.

russiasn yacht

It’s a real modern day Titanic. They are finishing it up in Germany. The masts are made out of carbon and they are the tallest among all the masts in the world. Certainly the man managed to set a record. However, at times the largest things end up poorly, like that Titanic ship!

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